Shamanic Dream

The intention of our Signature Blessing Spray allows you to elevate + bless your Sacred Spaces in Ritual and on the go. Infused with Kundalini Mantra, Reiki, Crystal Medicine, Luna Love + Light, Shamanic Dream will help center and uplift you to new heights. Whether you pour in your bath, spray on your yoga mat, or take a breather, allow yourself a moment to Be.

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When cultivating Sacred Space, Smoke Signals gives you the opportunity to Clear the Air and Say a Prayer. Infused with powerful Kundalini Mantras, these Sacred Medicines have been used by generations to elevate and uplift spaces within + without. With this ritual may you embark and align to your most authentic expression.

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Kundalini Yoga + The Golden Era

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The Power of Mantra

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Cultivating Sacred Ritual

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Sage vs Palo Santo


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La Luna + You