The Rosebud Yoni Egg

The Rosebud Yoni Egg


The Rosebud Yoni Egg carries the healing properties for the heart chakra. As a stone to strengthen empathy and unconditional love, Rose Quartz radiates a feminine energy of love, compassion, peace and healing. Here, you can find yourself beginning to dissolve emotional wounds through the circulation of Divine Love within and with out you. Working with Rosebud, you’ll begin to reactive your heart’s fullest potential to receive and give the love you are worthy of experiencing in this lifetime. 

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Connecting with the Rose Yoni Egg can intentionally assist you by…

❖ Balancing masculine-feminine energy

❖ Releasing energetic blockages trapped   in the heart chakra

❖ Honoring your beauty and grace to go out and blast the world with your love

❖ Offering compassion and forgiveness from past pain and/or trauma

❖ Stimulate the Root Chakra and the Lower Triangle to build a solid foundation

❖ Activate Sensuality and Wonder

❖ Dissolving barriers and blockages against feeling, giving, and receiving love

❖ Call in more love to experience in this lifetime

The History of The Yoni Egg

The Yogi Egg ritual dates back to over 2,000 years ago. This sacred and ancient Chinese ritual was practiced by empresses to access sexual power, awaken sensuality, and maintain vitality. For years, this practice was a secret practice only available to the royal family as a sacred tool to access spiritual transformation, better orgasms, and creativity. A regular and consistent yoni egg practice can increase awareness of the vaginal muscles by building strength and sensitivity. Through this practice, you can begin to activate more powerful orgasms, a higher sex drive, and stronger kegel muscles.

Each Sacred Yoni Egg is energetically cleared and blessed with White Sage + Palo Santo and comes with a selenite wand in a velvet pouch.

Materials + Weight

✦ 100% natural rose quartz crystal

✦ Smooth Surface + Not Drilled

✦ Heads up. Because each stone is a unique piece of pure rose quartz and are hand shaped and polished without dyes or chemicals, colors and size variations may vary.

✦ Yoni eggs aren't meant to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should always practice discernment when it comes to using them. Also, I’m not a physician, nor am I responsible for the misuse of yoni eggs or for any type of injury, accident or illness that could potentially occur. It is not suggested to use Yoni Eggs if you’re pregnant.  Check with your health care provider to see what they recommend.

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