Apothecary + Goods for the Golden Era

Shamanic Dream

The intention of our Signature Blessing Spray allows you to elevate + bless your Sacred Spaces in Ritual and on the go. Infused with Kundalini Mantra, Reiki, Crystal Medicine, Luna Love + Light, Shamanic Dream will help center and uplift you to new heights. Whether you pour in your bath, spray on your yoga mat, or take a breather, allow yourself a moment to Be.

Smoke Signals.png

When cultivating Sacred Space, Smoke Signals gives you the opportunity to Clear the Air and Say a Prayer. Infused with powerful Kundalini Mantras, these Sacred Medicines have been used by generations to elevate and uplift spaces within + without. With this ritual may you embark and align to your most authentic expression.


Yoni Eggs

The Yogi Egg ritual dates back to over 2,000 years ago. This sacred and ancient Chinese ritual was practiced by empresses to access sexual power, awaken sensuality, and maintain vitality. For years, this practice was a secret practice only available to the royal family as a sacred tool to access spiritual transformation, better orgasms, and creativity. A regular and consistent yoni egg practice can increase awareness of the vaginal muscles by building strength and sensitivity. Through this practice, you can begin to activate more powerful orgasms, a higher sex drive, and stronger kegel muscles.