ardas bahee | empowered

ardas bahee | empowered


Dedicated to the solar plexus chakra, MANIPURA, with the mantra ARDAS BAHEE, this Sacred Smoke Blend Bundle will help anchor in the 5 elements | Earth, Air, Water, Fire, + Spirit. Find yourself empowered as you reclaim your sovereignty, grounded + connected to miracles.

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Sacred Smoke Signals Bundle

< 1 > Large Abalone Shell

< 1 > Small Bundle of California White Sage

< 1 > Selenite Wand

< 1 > Kundalini Mantra engraved Peruvian Palo Santo by Laser Trees | ARDAS BAHEE

Spirit Medicine

ARDAS BAHEE | recognize answered prayers

SELENITE | unblock stagnant energy. cleanse + charge other crystals. mental clarity. strengthen the aura

ABALONE SHELL | connect to the healing energy of the sea. soothe emotions + emotional situations. stimulate intuition.

WHITE SAGE | increases spiritual awareness. ward off evil spirits. encourage protection. brings negative energy back up to the spiritual light to be regenerated into something positive.

PALO SANTO | “ holy wood ” keeps energy grounded. enhance creativity. helps set + seal intentions. raises vibration before meditation



Smudging is a ritual that allows you to clear and release any negative energy in your room or space, including yourself. With your prayers and intentions, ground yourself as you become a pure channel of Divine Light.

** For your safety, please do not leave unattended. When burning, do yourself a favor + open some windows to release what no longer serves from your space. Please be aware that each sacred piece is a unique gift from Mother Gaia, just like you.