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090 | Redefining Your Worthiness | Sophie Nik

In an oversaturated world of social media and spirituality, what sets you apart is your authentic Truth, your story and your Radness. Thing is, there’s no one out there quite like you. It takes you becoming fully embodied in your Truth, your Sat Nam, to really go out there and SLAY. It’s a journey of embracing all facets of your human experience with deep compassion.

As you do, you’ll begin to magnetize to the life and relationship you deeply desire. Sophie Nik is committed to help empower women to elevate their relationships + create a life of more impact, freedom, luxury, and romance. Reinventing your Worthiness is about you doing the deep internal work, to receive and experience what’s already yours. This requires you to go there and unapologetically honor the process of going through the shit with the deep knowing that you have the power to reprogram the old stories and beliefs once and for all. It’s a process and through that process, you are here to honor your flow while stepping into your truth.

You can run shit, be building your empire, and still be going through your own shit.

— Sophie Nik

In this Episode, Sophie and I talked about…

◆ The power authenticity and storytelling in Social Media

◆ Creating your own rules in business + life by honoring your unique process and flow

◆ How stepping into your truth can heal your lineage

◆ Reprogramming the stories once and for all

◆ Going beyond Ancestral Rules of what Success looks like

◆ Finding the Root of your Triggers + Transcending Toxic Positivity

◆ How to Call in the Relationship you Desire

… and so much more.

090 | Redefining Your Worthiness | Sophie Nik090 | Redefining Your Worthiness | Sophie Nik
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Discover More About Sophie Nik

Sophie Nik is an advisor to female entrepreneurs and impact driven creatives. She works with clients 1:1 and in her business mastermind, “Money, Men, and Manifesting”. She has an affinity for empowering women to elevate their relationships and create a life of more impact, freedom, luxury, and romance.

Prior to entering the online space, Sophie obtained a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as certifications in Holistic Health and The Psychology of Eating. Upon receiving her degree, she worked at an eating disorder treatment center due to her own struggles with food and body image growing up in Los Angeles. Sophie always knew she was destined for more than traditional therapy and this became apparent during her spiritual awakening in 2017. She decided to quit her job with the only plan being to start her entrepreneurial journey.

Sophie’s superpowers include: being able to identify people’s unique gifts and helping them to monetize, baking insane cookies, and supporting women in becoming the best version of themselves.




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