As I continue to purge and transmute the old sense of self, Bats have been playing a strong role on my Soulistic Journey. 🦇 They are some POWERFUL medicine as they see through the darkness. As we continue to release the old limiting beliefs and rebirth ourselves into our aligned sense of self, it’s important to keep your intentions clear, remember why you started, and to keep going. The old parts of you are dying. Be respectful, be humble, remember where you came from and keep optimistic about where you’re going. 💫

Our hearts know best. Change is happening. Be open to receive the love God, Spirit, Universe has in store for you. The Universe is conspiring in your favor. 🔮 You are on your way to receive, receive, receive, but it’s up to you to allow it to come to you with Ease and grace. You doing the deep inner work is paying off. You are here, ready to align to your Sat Nam. ♥️

Where can you forgive yourself and others? Begin to truly love those who challenge you... they are a reflection of you! Bless up this place. Do what brings your pure joy and happiness. Don’t listen to the naysayers. It’s up to you to keep going and to keep soaring! ✨



crane spirit animal medicine

As I left my home today to get back to work after two weeks of deep contemplation and self-care in Costa Rica, a beautiful crane flew by and walked along the street and towards my Nonna’s old home. Costa Rica was an opportunity for me to heal my ancestral karma and my sacral chakra. Instantly, I knew it was a message from my Nonna from the otherside.

Representing the deep feminine wisdom, Crane medicine is a powerful one from the Divine Feminine. She represents Spiritual creativity as she encourages us to let go of all that no longer serves… perfect for the Piscean New Moon and Solar Eclipse we had the other night. Her elegance reminds us to live with grace and to embrace the dance of life as we learn to honor the shadows and the light. As we witness the storm surrounding us, we are asked to find stillness within the vortex as emotions arise.

As I’m facing my fears and quit playing small, I hear the call to be courageous and follow my truth as I reconnect with my inner self. This is the chance for us to honor our dance and to stay grounded as we flow and explore the depths of our soul. As we follow our Sat Nam and listen to our inner guides, we must allow ourselves to not be disrupted by the noise that surrounds us. When we remember that the world outside us comes from our past thinking, we allow ourselves to tune in and lead with our hearts. Recognize that everything in life is love or a call for love. Allow Divine Grace to guide you through your journey. Be receptive and learn to trust the process for the Universe is ALWAYS working in your favor.


 photo by  Leila Jeffereys

How are you tapping into your intuition right now? You are the observer of the world you see + the thoughts that pass you by. This is a call for you to slow down and find stability. Once you do, you’ll be able to witness and experience all the blessings that surround you. You’ll be able to catch the things others may miss. See through the noise and allow yourself to connect to the intention and meaning behind what’s in front of you.

Is there a part of your life you need to release? This is an opportunity for you to clear out, tighten loose ends, and forgive. Allow your intuition to guide you as you find your way back on the path that best supports your highest good. This is a call for us to look beyond the shadows, recognize the illusions, transmute the fear + darkness and witness the light of joy, bliss, love, happiness, and knowledge.

The owl reminds us to honor the feminine. As moon children, there's a mysticism life offers. Honor it. Allow yourself to connect with the souls around you. Recognize what parts of people need healing and love. Let’s face it, we all need to witness and recognize the light within each of our brothers and sisters right now. Focus more on their light and not so much on their pain. Honor their shadows and recognize that people act out as a call for love for love is all there is.


Growing up in the desert, I found myself friends with the plants that surrounded me. They spoke to me and inspired me unlike anything else. She is my reminder to embrace being a wildflower and to shine as bright as her yellow flowers, while being soft like her little cotton-like bulbs.
She adapts to her surroundings and survives and thrives in the desert with grace. She doesn't use thorns to protect her. She honors herself and stands her ground through her essence, radiating her sense of belonging. She produces the desert rain fragrance we crave with grace.
She is an ally for detoxification. When you smell her medicine linger through the air, you know rain is here to help us wash away what no longer serves. She has no rival, whether for the physical or psychic parts of our human existence. Her medicine helps us purify our spirit and our physical being. She helps us heal our traumas as we ground into our being and reconnect with Gaia. She clears our subconscious patterns that harm our state of happiness. She spreads her love unapologetically and brings peace to those who are blessed to cross paths with her.
Stand like the creosote during the storm. Radiate your blessings, your grace, your essence with conviction and grace. Recognize your beauty and recognize the beacon of faith and hope you bring. Share your medicine with grace. Take a breather. Center yourself in your being and never forget your radiance.


 image via pinterest

image via pinterest

You have the power to reclaim your sovereignty, right here, right now. You are never forced to do anything that doesn’t make your heart sing. Never forget, the choice is always yours to choose love over fear. You have the power to create the life you experience. As we are in the New Moon of Sagittarius, this half man, half horse reminds us to honor and respect one another. 🐎 You are responsible for the life you choose to experience based on your beliefs.

If you want to tap in to your power, allow your inner wisdom to be the driving force. You are on this journey because you are here to help anchor in love and compassion. This is the chance for you to share your YOUnique gifts and talents. You are here to teach others the lessons you’ve learned along the way and to care for one another.

All of our journeys are unique and special. Each of us have something beautiful to share to help uplift humanity. As we embark on this unity consciousness, we must honor one another. We’re all in this together. There is no separation. Each of us came here because we each have lessons to learn in this lifetime. As we choose to allow love to take the lead, we will witness the spiritual revolution with grace.

No doubt, we are all embarking on a new journey. More than ever are we called to discover our gifts, our freedom, and our sovereignty. This is a beautiful adventure and we must learn how to ride through it as we awaken to our fullest potentials. Stay strong and keep the faith alive.


peacock medicine

This is your time to express yourself. Remember, your life is your masterpiece, paint it golden. We are all creative beings. The way we live our lives and express our beauty is how we end up seeing the world. Please, have fun out there. There is no need to be so serious. When you live lightheartedly, life becomes easier and more enjoyable. We are here to have fun! Go out there and share your gifts. Find the confidence within yourself to express your true nature. Stand up for your beliefs by showing your true colors unapologetically.

This is the time for humanity to walk the talk. We are being called to live our medicine. We are called to be spiritual activists, standing up for the greatest good. This is not the time to back down, rather, this is our time to come together and create something beautiful for the generations to come. Hold the vision. Trust the process.

There is a greater wisdom coming from all of this, so please, remember to be gentle with yourself. You are rising from the ashes. Expand your horizons and follow your dreams. The world is waiting for your magnificence.


 image via pinterest

image via pinterest

There is no need to worry darling, everything is unfolding according to plan. Wishes are being fulfilled as you are expanding farther than ever before. Again, allow things to flow with grace. When you surrender your plan, you witness something extraordinary. Happiness is approaching. This is the time for you to live your Truth. As the wings of the ladybug hug her close, she is reminding us to protect our truth and know that it is worthy to honor.

As we as a collective are going through a radical transformation towards Unity Consciousness, we must honor the connection between the Divine, past lives, spiritual enlightenment, and the evolution of infinity, life, death, and rebirth. The mantra that comes to mind is SA TA NA MA. You are being called to be gentle with yourself. There is nothing to fear. The ladybug is here to remind us to get back in touch with how grateful we are to be living. This life is far too short.

Go out there and do the things that bring you joy. Dive in deep to your roots, forgive and honor your past, and love yourself unconditionally for your journey. This is a call for you to trust the process and have faith that all of this is unfolding into something beautiful. We have to go through it though in order to get to the other side of what it is we truly want.


tortoise medicine

Abundance awaits, but never forget, slow and steady wins the race. This is a time to be gentle and find gratitude and appreciation for the process. This is all divinely guided.

As you embark on this new chapter of your life, pay attention to details. If you really want to anchor in your desires, you must allow yourself to be patient and allow mother nature to flow. Flow with the currents, this is about going downstream. The best medicine is to connect with nature daily. Get outside. Hug a tree. Visit the waters. Smell the roses.

You will get through this. Please, listen to what your soul needs. This is your time to rise. Get out of that shell and go out into the world and do something you’ve never done before. You’ll know when to slow down and when to pick up the pace. Find balance and honor your soul. This is our call to be in the flow and allow nature to take her course. Be gentle with yourself during this time. And always remember to breathe.


 image via pinterest

image via pinterest

We are transforming into something extraordinary. As you continue to stay true to your soul and honor your sacred voice, miracles are guaranteed. To the Native Americans, butterflies represent change and joy. This is our opportunity to surrender the plan, surrender what no longer serves, surrender any fears and allow the grace of the Divine to lead us towards everlasting peace, joy, and love.

Stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the bigger picture. We are safe and protected to be. All that is required of you is to live your life with intention and to radiate love.

Massive changes are coming forth in your journey. Embrace it all. Keep the faith. Flow with grace. This journey has many twists and turns, but wow is it worth it all. You are evolving into the best version of you. You are here to reclaim your sovereignty and to take responsibility for your life. You have the choice to welcome in joy and peace. Let go and watch the miracle unfold!

joshua tree

Through a spiritual structuring force, facilitate the unfolding of your wisdom + identity. Her medicine has helped me heal my roots + my ancestral wounds by reclaiming my power through sovereignty as an individual contributing to the greater good.

Today I feel taller + stronger than ever before. Change is inevitable + with all of the changes going on in the world, I recognize the changes in my own life. I'm embarking on my business, in the middle of producing a product line to honor Gaia + to help people like you thrive. I'm embarking on a new chapter in my life as I center myself on love.

2016 has been a year of completion. Release the people, things, thoughts, + beliefs that have gifted us everything we needed up until now. Release what no longer serves. Yesterday was a massive ego death for me. I'm embarking on this powerful rebirth. I'm learning how to love + honor myself by being patient. The Phoenix has risen. She is here ready to face whatever comes up + be the alchemist. I'm here to honor what arises with the utmost love. Can't you see, people are coming together + RISING TO THE OCCASION. We will conquer the pain of the planet, the pain of our government, the pain of our country by infusing love. War is over if you want it, but first, you must conquer your inner war.

To all the goddesses who supported me + held space for me during that massive ego death, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. When you do this work, it can feel lonely. Majority of the world has no clue what you go through on a daily basis. You goddesses feel what I feel, reminding me that I am never alone. I love you all soul much.

Today is a new day. Go out there + do something kind for someone. Allow yourself to be the lightcaster and remember, you are a precious gem. The world needs your medicine more than ever. Step out of the Spiritual Closet + radiate your light! The best is yet to come + I'm so excited you are here on this ride with me. I can promise you, we're gonna have fun. We are going to make a powerful impact on the planet as we come together in the name of love. I have faith in the good things coming. I love you

praying mantis

 image via pinterest

image via pinterest

The medicine of the praying mantis reminds us to be patient. We must trust divine timing in our lives. We have been flooding ourselves to keep busy. What this week has shown us is that we need to slow down and find stillness.

That go go go life isn’t really living. We must find a work-life balance. We need to quiet our minds and reconnect with our hearts. We find this medicine when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives. Slow and steady wins the race. This is a deep time of inner reflection. We will find the answers to our prayers when we allow ourselves to look within. Recognize that spirit CONSTANTLY surrounds you. Choose to live with intention and keep your eyes on the prize.


bee spirit animal. spirit medicine.

The bee’s medicine is simple. Let compassion and forgiveness be your top priority today.  Before we forgive others, we must first forgive ourselves. Where have you been constantly sabotaging yourself with the way you speak to yourself? We can’t live a fertile life if all we do is talk down to ourself. This is your opportunity to know that you have the ability to accomplish the impossible. Recognize that you are supported by your tribe and call on them when you need help. You must recognize that you are worthy of achieving anything your heart desires, but it is going to take some effort on your part. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
To honor our bees and appreciate all that they do, this is an opportunity for us to wake up and realize that just as much as we need water to survive, we also need the bees. They’ve recently been added to the endangered species list. This is catastrophic for humanity. We must become aware of these incredible insects are an important component to our ecosystem. Without them, we cannot eat all the beautiful fruits and veggies we need to survive.
This is a sweet life. We are so blessed to be here and to live out this human experience. Stay focused and get clear as to what it is you wish to achieve. You can conquer anything you put your mind and heart too. Reap the honey of life by going after your dreams and appreciating the opportunities that are presented to you. This is a time where we are here to collaborate with others because let’s face it, we’re all in this together. Reach out to others so that together, we may create a new world that is build on community, love and compassion.


This is your reminder. We live in a world of abundance and the way you see the world’s abundance influences all of your brothers and sisters. All needs will be met when we live and give willingly and enthusiastically from our heart. We recognize this abundance when we live with intention and gratitude,  our truth reveals that all things are sacred.

The buffalo is a symbol of prayer and devotion, gratitude, and praise. When we pray for all humanity and for all creation, we find ourselves living a harmonious life. This is your chance to give thanks for all the abundance that influences your daily life.

Connect with the Spiritual Realm. Honor Mother Gaia. Recognize that Peace is attainable if we find that inner peace within first. Be humble and ask for help. Honor your sovereignty and allow your spirit to be free. Flow with grace and watch the miracles unfold.


Trust your intuition. Allow yourself to reclaim your independence. This is your life. Your journey. You have the power and the magic to create your life. You are here to reclaim your sovereignty. What's required of you is simple. Believe in yourself.  Stay in alignment with your truth. Stay sassy. Remember, all of this is Divinely Guided.
This is your chance to achieve your dreams. Act as if what you wish to experience is already here because guess what... it is! You just need to become a vibrational match. Stay in constant communication with Spirit because Spirit speaks to those who listen. Live with grace. Know you have all the tools to succeed.


 image via pinterest

image via pinterest


When times are tough and rough... keep going. Not only are you protected as you embark on your journey, this is a reminder for you to keep the faith and stay positive. You can survive anything you put your mind to. Honor your energy and grab life by the horns. There are times life will throw you curveballs and you'll have to go through those unavoidable pitfalls. These are lessons for you to endure to make you stronger than ever before.

It is believed that camels are able to survive the most intense conditions and are able to survive without water as she slips between dimensions and never changes. The camel is an enlightened being who is connected to Gaia. With the whisper of the sweet Ma, she leads the camel to water, to life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
You're about to go on a beautiful journey, beloved, into the unknown. Trust and know that you are being Divinely guided as you go forth to help serve the highest benevolence of love and compassion. The camel is deeply associated with the shaman. This is why so many shamans go to the desert to connect with Gaia and to shift out of worlds and to different worlds and dimensions.  Don't let the world outside you stop you or hinder your light. You are your healer, but you must be willing to do the work, knowing you are worthy of achieving your dreams. You've got this. Keep steadfast on the journey and enjoy the ride.