Congrats! You made it to the end! As a token of gratitude, here are your bonuses for participating in Stay Woke. Below you can find all the goods to support you as you forth and align to your soul's highest calling.  Ranging from Kundalini Yoga Classes, to worksheets and downloads, to even some Soul Food. may these offerings support you to thrive to higher heights.



Kundalini Yoga to Open the Heart Center


Living from our hearts, rather than our heads is the name of the game in the Golden Era. As we continue to cut through the programming stored in our subconscious mind, tuning into our hearts allows us live from a space of empathy + compassion. This is our time to lead with our hearts and to honor one another and the journey ahead. Enjoy this Kundalini Yoga class to help you Open your Heart. You can practice this everyday to help you elevate + thrive.



Kundalini Yoga for the Nervous System


As we begin to dive in deeper into this journey, we can begin to feel grounded, aligned and ready to thrive. Cultivating a strong Nervous System allows us the opportunity to handle whatever comes our way with ease and grace.

Stress can come through in many ways in the Golden Era. We’re constantly navigating through various energies within and without. Kundalini Yoga offers many tools to help manage stress. As citizens of the Golden Era, it’s important for us to be able to have practices that sustain us. Stress Management is crucial and truly the ultimate form of self care.

The Soulistic Journey Spread

Oracle + Angel cards and Tarot have been some of my favorite tools that've helped me along my journey. Welcome the Soulistic Journey Spread. Tune in and receive Spirit's guidance as you go forth and align to your soul's highest calling. Share your spread using #mysoulisticjourney. I look forward to witness your Soulistic Journey unfold and thrive!


Share your Soulistic Journey Spread on Instagram #mysoulisticjourney

Group Coaching Call 3.7.18

Let the Music Speak

Music has forever been my guiding force in life. It brought me to this very moment. Since music plays such a pivotal role in my life, I've shared with you not one, not two, but THREE playlists of the jams that inspire me. You can find a Spotify Playlist of my favorite Kundalini Mantra Music + and music that just speaks to the soul. Because I love you and nothing makes me happier than knowing my friends are enjoying good music, I've also shared some my favorite sets and tracks ranging from the classics to that new-new over on SoundCloud. Allow yourself to get into your body and let the music groove your soul.