chapter one understanding the golden era.png

Embrace the Golden Era

What a beautiful time it is to be alive. We are gifted the opportunity to cultivate a world that's instilled with love, compassion, community, passion, and authenticity. Reclaiming your authentic truth + power is the name of the game in the Golden Era we are living. Seeing the Silver Lining through all the chaos around the world, we can look at the greater picture and realize what’s really going on. All of this has been brought to the surface so that we can face our pain, insecurities, limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears and use this as an opportunity to smother ourselves and the world with more love than ever before. 

As we tap into our intuition, align to our truth, honor our journey and hone in on our sensitivities as a gift rather than a curse, we are able to instill a world far beyond our wildest dreams. A “Heaven on Earth” where all beings are able to fully and authentically express who they truly are with conviction, confidence and grace. As a multi-dimensional being, in order for us to thrive in this new paradigm, we must tap in and use our 6th sense, our intuition, to guide us through this 3D time + space plane.

Doing your research and honoring the history of humanity and of this planet, we are able to understand what did or didn’t work in the past. History is always repeating itself, especially through pain. It’s up to us to recognize the patterns and to shift the ones that are out of alignment with love and compassion into a flow that’s of the highest benevolence for all. 

We are embarking on a new era centered in Unity. Also known as the Aquarian Age, this is a time where competition and separation are no longer sustainable. We are here to come together as a community of humans to help with the evolution of our species as humans here on Planet Earth. Let’s face it. The World needs more passionate and authentic people to rise up. This is a time for us to show up and support one another as we embark on this evolution of our planet and humanity.

As we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and share our radness, others begin to recognize this as an opportunity for them to also embrace and share their radness and their truth. These times, also known as the Aquarian Age, is our chance to be living from a 5D unity consciousness.where there is no separation from one another. We are here to unconditionally love ourselves and others. As conscious beings, we must also realize we are responsible for the future of this planet and the generations to come. We are responsible for the sustainability of this planet.

Living from a space of empathy + compassion allows us to realize a world rooted in love. For us to really show up in the world. we must first offer that empathy, love, + compassion to ourselves. Filling up our cup. Putting on the Oxygen Mask first. All these are important because we must be able to unconditionally love and accept ourselves fully before we can authentically give and share our light from a space of abundance. It’s no accident why we chose to come here during these times. We can endure what we’re facing with ease and grace when we allow ourselves to surrender our plans to a Source far greater than ourselves and allow ourselves to be of service.

What we’re currently witnessing is the rise of the Feminine and the healing of the Masculine through authenticity and Vulnerability. Men and Women are finally feeling comfortable and safe to open up and share what or how their feeling because there is a deep sense of support within communities happening. As we heal the wounds of our past and release the victim mentality, we find ourselves reclaiming our Authentic Power and cultivating a world that’s in alignment with Truth.

This is the time for us as a conscious community to align to our soul's purpose and our true calling as to why we're here on this planet. I'd love to hear below how you are aligning to your soul's purpose. How are you showing up and radiating your truth and light?