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Cultivating Sacred Space  + Creating Ritual

Rituals have been practiced for lifetimes. These devotional and intentional experiences allow us to tap in and pay reverence for the time and opportunity available to connect and transcend. When we talk about sacred spaces, it's important to include not just our living spaces, but also the spaces within and with out ourselves. Every breath is a sacred space. Boundaries offer sacred space. Self-care allows sacred space to be honored and revered.


Taking the time to devote ourselves to rituals that help us connect to our Spiritual + Innate truths is a chance for us to be in Union with something far greater than ourselves. Yoga means union. Through the practice of REAL yoga, we find ourselves in union with our Authentic Truth, our Masculine + Feminine within, and to the oneness with all the Universe has to offer.


What's been a game-changer in my life is cultivating sacred spaces throughout my home. These altars carry the energy of support and love. Featuring Crystals, plant medicines like Sage + Palo Santo, statues, oracle cards, and of course photos of the Spirit Guides helps me super charge areas in my life I'm ready to manifest and realize. You can find an altar in my bedroom, my office, my car, and in the living room. I also bring an altar with me wherever I go to have a space of refuge and familiarity, especially when I'm traveling. This space of reverence allows me to feel connected and supported no matter where I go. 


It's important for us to live in spaces that leave us feeling inspired. Clearing out stagnant energy and blessing up the spaces that need TLC help support us as we go forth and birth a new paradigm. Take charge of your sacred spaces and allow yourself to take the time and release what no longer serves. Find gratitude for the blessings that surround you.


Share below your experience of how your altar has altered your sacred space. I would love to see your Bless Up Altars! Let's keep the high vibes going and use the hashtag #iStayWoke to bless up your social media feed with all the good juju you're calling in.