chapter four embracing the shadow.png

Honor What Arises + Embrace the Shadow

What we’re witnessing in the world today is the collective pain-body, the shadow of humanity. It’s been carried for lifetimes, instilled in our genetic coding from our ancestors, and with all the chaos in the world and the planetary influence, our shadows are being brought to the surface more than ever. For us to successfully anchor in this new paradigm, we must be willing to get real with ourselves and shower our shadows with love. 


What are the shadows you ask? It’s the parts of you you may have neglected or ignored up until now, like the pain, suffering, sadness, anger, doubts, insecurities. The very things that have kept you playing small, but you know, it’s time to turn the page and to transcend those limits once and for all. That’s why we’re here for Stay Woke. We’re ready to wake up and align to our fullest, most authentic expression which means we need to see ourselves as whole. As we find the courage to admit our pains, our mistakes, and wrongdoings, we are able to reclaim our power back. This is the time for us as a human species to step up and to show up as our most authentic and vulnerable selves.


The very things, ideas, stories, and beliefs that have held us back are all showing face to be showered with love, tenderness, and compassion. Those parts of ourselves we neglect are simply calling out for our love. We’re seeing this in our personal lives and in the collective. As we continue to embark on this journey of awakening, we are able to see what’s going on from a higher perspective, like how the hawk soars in the sky. Witnessing the bigger picture and remembering that life is happening for us, not to us, not only do we reclaim our power, but we are able to reframe our reality and choose to see it from a loving perspective where there is no separateness and all of it is required in order to restore balance and order.


As we allow ourselves to get honest and real, we begin to heal the collective. Our consciousness is no longer tied to our pain. Our consciousness is here to ascend and soar beyond our limits because deep at our core, we are infinite potential. In what areas of your life are you ready to shine your light? Be the lighthouse and shine on you crazy diamond.