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Intentional Living with Purpose + Passion

If you aren’t living with intention, you aren’t really living. We are so blessed to be given the opportunity to experience life on Earth. For us to make the most of it, living a life of purpose and passion enriches our Human Experience. When we find ourselves in alignment with our Intention to be of service to the highest benevolence of truth, love, and compassion, we are signing ourselves up for a beautiful journey. There will always be twists and turns, but the experiences we endure give us the wisdom to share with our communities and humanity. Through our authentic soulistic journey, we can inspire the world that anything is possible. Dreams can come true. 

We go through what we go through to be able to help serve our brothers and sisters along the way who may endure similar struggles and pain. Because we’ve been there, we can help others feel seen and heard and not alone. We are here to endure this human experience because of connection. Imagine if we only met the same kind of people over and over again. Because we live in a world of pure potentiality, we can come across people with different stories and backgrounds and this diversity is what makes life rich and abundant and prosperous because the possibilities of what we can learn about ourself from others is endless. 


For us to actualize our desires, we must realize that 1. it doesn’t happen over night and 2. it’s not going to be handed over to you. You are here to show the Universe you want this and you’re willing to follow through in order to live the life you’ve always dreamt of. As you put in the work, you realize the Universe will deliver on Divine Timing. We can be in a space of total surrender knowing that what’s ours will come to us. Putting in our intentions and sharing our desires with the Universe, we can always share, this or something better. The Universe is always looking out for our best interest, even when we can’t see it.


To thrive in this Golden Era is to live heart-centered. Our minds have been overworked trying to make our dreams a reality. We’ve been conditioned and brainwashed through our media and our society for far too long. We are all going at our own pace. Because there is no separation amongst one another, we must allow ourselves to be compassionate. There is no hierarchy on who’s more worthy… we’re all worthy. Our journey’s are all unfolding at their own rate.Real talk, when we allow ourselves to tap into our hearts and live from that space, we’ll begin to realize a world of love. We begin to focus our attention to our heart which will then allow us to actualize what’s in our hearts. 

The law of Pure Potentiality reminds us that anything is possible! We are the ones who put the limiting beliefs on what it is we wish to see and experience throughout our human experience. The secret to manifesting is to honor how we want to feel when we “get to the destination.” As we remember how far we’ve come and begin to honor our accomplishments, we begin to attract more of those experiences. Uplifting ourselves by honoring our courage, our strength, and our dedication to transcend our limits gives us the grit to overcome any obstacle that may come our way. When we begin to believe in ourselves and remember just how powerful we are, we recognize that we are worthy of living our heart’s desires.