It's evident that we are living through transitional times. After all chaos comes order. This is the opportunity for us to rise up and stand up for the highest good of ALL. As we embark on this journey together, it's my intention to share with you what I've learned about this beautiful opportunity we are faced to embrace and make the most of it.

As lightworkers, we have a civil responsibility to be the light we wish to see in the world, but in order for us to do that, we must first recognize and honor our light within. This means learning to love all facets of OUR human experience. Yes, I'm talking about all the ugly cries from our past, our trials + tribulations and any suffering or struggles we may have faced up until now. All of it was prepping us to become CHAMPIONS during this time in human history.

Stay Woke is a 6-part lecture series to help you THRIVE during this Golden Era. Gathering all the tools and wisdom that has helped me awaken from my deepest and darkest slumber, it's my intention with this series to empower you to share your medicine and to be the lighthouse with every breath and every beat of your soul.



As you Embark on this Soulisic Journey to Stay Woke, you'll find yourself...


✦ Reconnecting to the parts of you you've neglected out of shame, disappointment, fear, insecurity, and doubt
✦ Having a restored Faith in Humanity
✦ Being more gentle with yourself and others
Cultivating a deeper relationship with your spirit guides
Getting out of the Victim Mentality + Reclaiming your Authentic Power back
Forgiving yourself + others for the past
More Present. More in the Now. Fully and Authentically
Cultivating a Healthier Relationship with your Mind, Body + Soul, as well as with your loved ones
Realigning to your Soul's True Essence
✦ Ready to Stop Playing Small!
✦ Inspired to go out into the world and unapologetically share your medicine
✦ Ready to do whatever it takes to make the supportive changes you've been desiring in your life



The Miracle of Stay Woke

In each chapter you'll find gems, aha! realizations and an opportunity to experience more love than when you started for yourself, for your journey, and for the future of humanity. Each pre-recorded video is POWERFUL, so powerful that simply listening to these lectures will begin to heal and transmute your subconscious mind through the power of the sacred sound current and intention. A miracle is a shift of perception from fear to love and when we remember that everything is love or an opportunity for it, we can begin to anchor in love as our reality. These chapters are designed for you to dive in deep, heal, + soar to new heights as you align to your soul's purpose + truth.





In Chapter One, we dive straight in talking about the Golden Era. As we begin to live from a space of empathy + compassion, we realize a world rooted in love. For us to really show up in the world. we must first offer that empathy, love, + compassion to ourselves.



In Chapter Two, you'll learn about the 5 Sutras or 5 Truths of the Golden Era. These are the pillars that have been the foundation that's helped me build my queendom with grace as I go forth and authentically share my medicine with the World.

chapter three cultivating sacred space + creating ritual.png

In Chapter Three, you'll learn all about my favorite topic... ritual and cultivating sacred space. Learn some of my favorite rituals and energy clearing techniques I practice on the reg so that I may live in alignment with my soul's purpose with ease and grace.



In Chapter Five, this is your opportunity for miracles. Here you'll find yourself out of the victim mentality and into the victorious one. As we allow ourselves to heal the wounds of our past and to choose again, we are able to foster more love, empathy, and compassion in the world... peace begins with you.


In Chapter Four, we really go in there. In order for us to live a whole-hearted life, we must be able to whole-heartedly love and embrace all facets of our human experience. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All of it's been perfect and it's waiting for your light. 


chapter six intentional living with purpose + passion.png

In Chapter Six, I saved the best for last! This is a jam packed session helping you find your purpose, embrace your life with passion + begin to get clear on what it is you're manifesting. Plus, you'll learn some of my favorite manifestation techniques to actualize your deepest desires.

Bonus Goods

As a Bonus, you'll also receive..

✦ Curated Spotify + Soundcloud Playlists ranging from Kundalini Mantra Music to Electronic Music to even the Soul Food of some good ol' Hip-Hop + Rock n' Roll
✦ A Curated Card Spread for your Tarot and/or Oracle Rituals to align to your Soulistic Journey
✦ Kundalini Yoga video to Open your Heart
✦ Plus so much more!*


*Stay Tuned! I'll be updating BONUS content along the way to support you on your Soulistic Journey to Stay Woke.


Here's What they're Saying...

Sabrina’s Stay Woke course is a moving and thought-provoking experience. One that gently guides you to dive deep and do the work that is changing the world, one person at a time. Learning the concepts of filling my cup first, honoring myself, and envisioning and allowing myself to live a life that lights me up are so powerful. This course has helped me to choose to live a life that aligns with my truth, my highest good and the highest good of all, one that honors my past and allows me to move forward with love and integrity. I took this class for myself, but it’s really benefiting my 8 children as well. They see me showing up and living my life authentically. I believe this gives them support and permission to do so as well. Stay Woke is a gift to yourself, those you love, and the world.
— Jane D.
Stay Woke came to me at the perfect time. After a crazy year, I finally had some downtime to concentrate on me. Stay woke was awesome as it let me go at my own pace. I found that the content was really great for beginners who are just starting on their spiritual path. I also loved all of Sabrina’s guidance. Her voice alone is inspirational and her steady positive vibe made stay woke fun even though the inner work was hard
— Chantal R.
I joined Stay Woke because i’m going through a period of being particularly stuck in life, feeling down with no light to get me out of the darkness. Instantly the messages Sabrina was transmitting  in the series resonated with me on a deep level. When she said “Honor the shadow, because that’s where the magic happens” I had a lightbulb moment. I didn’t feel alone anymore and I started to understand why i’m feeling the way that I am. I appreciate it now instead of wondering why. I have hope again, and for that I am so grateful. I can’t wait to continue getting valuable gems of wisdom throughout the course, and I encourage anyone who is also going through a struggle and needs a big shift in their lives to tune in and see how it can help you too.
— Kelly Pantaleoni

When you Invest in Stay Woke, You'll Receive...

✦ LIFETIME ACCESS to the course as well as any updates & additions that may come through
✦ Over 4 Hours of truth, wisdom, inspiration, and guidance, pre-recorded for you to tune in when best convenient
✦ Worksheets + Exercises to anchor in and integrate the information shared in each chapter
✦ A whole bonus section dedicated to support you further as you go forth and embark on your journey
✦ Over 48 hours of hand-selected music + playlists via Soundcloud + Spotify
✦ Plus so much more!

This Course is NOT for you if..

✦ You aren't ready to make the commitment to change your life
✦ You aren't willing to do something outside your comfort zone
✦ You are looking for someone to "heal you" with some quick fix
✦ You are lazy, unmotivated, + lack discipline
✦ You feel that New Age practices are too "woo-woo"
✦ You aren't interested in yoga or holistic medicine

This Course is for you if...

stay woke image 1.jpg

✦ You're ready to live an aligned + passionate life of purpose
✦ You're ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something you've never experienced before
✦ You're ready to stop playing small
✦ You have an interest in the metaphysical + holistic healing realm
✦ You're looking for support, knowing that you aren't alone
✦ You're ready to follow through to align to your soul's calling and purpose
✦ You're willing to overcome + release any emotional blocks
✦ You're choosing to reclaim your bliss + reconnect to your inner joy
✦ You're willing to heal any emotional wounds from the past or trauma that may be stuck in your body
✦ You're choosing to feel emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy
✦ You're ready to be real. be authentic. in the world
✦ You desire a better + healthier relationship with your body + your true essence
✦ You're ready to live with self-confidence + grace
✦ You're understanding the importance to be BFFs with your inner guidance
✦ You're hearing the call to have a deeper spiritual connection with life and the world around you




For 4+ years, I found myself in a deep sabbatical after a challenging psychedelic experience. There were moments I wish I were dead because I felt like I wasn't alive. It was the most alienating time of my life. I found myself completely disconnected. Feeling like no one understands you. No one is seeing you or hearing you out. And people think you're crazy. It was the most challenging time of my life. The reason why you're here on my page and reading this right now is because I refused to give up on myself. What helped me through it all is what I'm about to share with you. The wisdom and teachings I'm sharing in Stay Woke literally saved my life and helped me thrive and soar to new heights on my mettamorphosis I like to call the Soulistic Journey.

Now, I've reclaimed my power, found myself aligned to my soul's calling, living life in total surrender, faith and knowing that I'm always Divinely Guided and life is unfolding for the highest good. I feel so incredibly blessed to be here with you right now and I'm beyond thrilled to see you embark on your journey as you go forth and reclaim your light and your radness! I 110% believe in you, boo! Now's the time for you to wholeheartedly believe in yourself.



Is this class only online?

As for this moment... Yes! What makes Stay Woke so rad is that you get to go at your own pace. This is perfect to honor what arises and to take the time to follow through and integrate the transmission coming through in each chapter. 


Since all the classes are pre-recorded, how long will I have access to them?

You have lifetime access to this course meaning for as long as I have a website, you'll have access. Once you make your investment, you can check in to the member space for updates on resources, content, bonus features and so much more! My intention is to continue offering and support you the tools I'm learning and working with along the way so that you can truly thrive in the Golden Era!


I consider myself religious more than Spiritual. Will Stay Woke conflict with my religion?

Absolutely Not! We are working with the creative force that permeates through all the religions and all the various belief systems. As I mention, Stay Woke is an opportunity for you to take what you need, and leave the rest. Through your own discernment, honor what resonates with you most and run with it! When I talk about Spirit, I'm talking about the force within your heart, not something outside of you because let's face it, you're cocreating your reality! I'm just here to help support you as you reclaim your authentic power, your radiance and your light so that you can go forth and share your medicine with the world!


What happens if a lot of stuff comes up for me during this course that it just becomes so overwhelming?

As a responsible and conscious adult, you need to listen to your needs and honor them to the best of your ability. I mention throughout the course, if there's deep rooted pain that arises that you don't know how to handle it, please, reach out and find yourself a professional therapist. I am not a certified therapist. I am a certified life coach and I'm here sharing through my own experience, so please, honor yourself and your needs.


This class was so powerful! How can I dive in even deeper with you and what you're doing, Sabrina?

I'm always offering guidance and support over on my instagram @SabrinaRiccio. My Podcast, the Sovereign Society Podcast is also a great resource for you to learn more about the topics that pertain to what I've been sharing here on Stay Woke! even bring on some of my closest friends who are also doing great work in the world. You can also find information throughout to support you as you embark on your Soulistic Journey here in the Golden Era.





I'm stoked to have you here with me and even more excited to see you participate throughout your experience of Stay Woke! I look forward to witness your transformation through our hashtag #MySoulisticJourney. You are about to connect with some incredible kindred spirits who are ready to rise up and Stay Woke! Thanks so much for taking the time and energy to invest in YOU and your well-being! The world is ready for your medicine and I know you are too!