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105 | Honoring Your True Nature | Taj Savitri

Modern Medicine Woman and Spiritual Mentor Taj Savitri has devoted her life to help others reclaim to their true nature. Spirituality’s popularity comes with some growing pains, but luckily there are many leaders who are speaking up on topics such as spiritual bypassing, spiritual commercialism, and the evolution of outdated teachings and systems. As humanity shifts and the world awakens and aligns to deeper levels of awareness, we are witnessing, more than ever, that there is no room to play small and dim our light. With plant medicine, meditation, and wellness hitting an all-time high, there’s no denying that we are living in times where each of us is being asked to step up and show up unlike ever before. To get there requires doing the deep inner work and from this space, we can begin to infuse more love and compassion with the planet.

In this episode, Taj and I talked about…

◆ Why triggers are powerful medicine

◆ The truth about projections and our overall habits and ways of being

◆ Finding the path to true happiness and fulfillment

◆ Spiritual Commercialism + paying reverence to the planet

◆ Where business is headed

◆ The importance of play when it comes to success

◆ Why the teachings of Law of Attraction are outdated

…plus so much more

Epsiode 104 | Honoring Your True Nature | Taj Savitri | Sovereign Society Podcast with Sabrina Riccio

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Discover Taj Savitri

Coming from a Mexican lineage of White Witches, Psychics, and Healers, Taj Savitri inherited many spiritual healing gifts at a young age. She was not conscious of her psychic mediumistic abilities until she was in a spiritual healing crisis that led her to work with Ayahuasca. It was in the moment of her spiritual awakening that her abilities began to open and her true soul purpose was revealed. To help others come back to their true nature; powerful creators of their own reality! Through this, she was guided to leave her career as a fashion stylist for Fortune 500 companies and to step deeper into the healing path. This calling has taken her all over the world to work with healing modalities such as Kambo, Vipassana, Hape, Psychedelics and Plant Medicines, Holotropic Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga + Meditation, and Shamanic Sex studies. As a modern medicine woman, she empowers awakened women and spiritual entrepreneurs to harness their creative power through energetic study to create a fulfilling life of purpose and to also expand their businesses, so that their unique gifts reach more people.

WEBSITE | www.tajsavitri.com

INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/taj.savitri

True Nature Podcast: https://anchor.fm/truenaturepodcast


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