There’s no denying the uproar of healers and spiritual businesses. For centuries, medicine people of all kinds were always taken care of by the village. Since we’re in full throttle into the Golden Era aka the Age of Aquarius, this new paradigm is asking us to pave a new path.

Let’s face it, we all have bills to pay. Those bills not only symbolize our abundance, but they also offer us the ability for a roof over our head, food on the table, water to purify ourselves inside-out. 

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of corruption and a lot of bad people making a shit ton of money while also stripping the planet of its resources. The time is now for us to begin to rewrite the story. Many are answering the call to heal and transmute their traumas, stories, pains, and outdated beliefs. We’ve gone through hell and back and we are witnessing in the world at large that something’s gotta change. The old ways of being are outdated and it’s time to turn this ship around and allow good people to make more than just a living to get by.

Now that the divine feminine within us is coming to surface, why shouldn't we maintain the level of awareness when it comes to navigating through the 3D reality?

The time is now for us as Sacred Disruptors to answer the call and unleash our medicine. As we do, we begin to rewrite the story when it comes to healers making money and living the life they’ve always desired. It takes us fostering a healthier relationship with the energetic frequency we call money. 

To get there, we must claim our power back and begin a fresh new conversation when it comes to money and our taxes. We must understand money, wealth, and abundance, offer us the opportunities we choose to experience. Abundance is our birthright. There are no limits except the limits we place on ourselves. 

Since we are all spiritual beings having a hueman experience, the time is now for us to answer the call and honor our worth and our value through reverence and respect. How do we do so? We begin to foster a healthier relationship with our taxes and our money so that it doesn’t have power over us. 

To begin to reclaim our power and transmute the patriarchal + outdated system once and for all we bring you Taxes For Creatives.

This go at your pace, tax prep guide course is intended to help you Alchemize your Enterprise by Activating more abundance and prosperity as you align to your highest self through quantum expansion, Kundalini activation, and Modern Mysticism.

With Taxes for Creatives, You'll Discover...

▵ How to Properly organize your Business Finances

▵ How to Implement Kundalini Yoga and Modern Mysticism to Activate More Abundance and Prosperity

▵ The Truth and Root About Your Values and How to Align Them to Your Highest Self

▵ How to Discover Your Astrological Career Patterns Through Your Natal Chart

▵ What it takes to rewrite your Money Stories once and for all

…plus so much more!

With Taxes for Creatives, You'll Receive...
  • Astrological Insights and Kundalini Yoga Activations to Uplevel Your Business and Finances

  • A 40-Day Kundalini Yoga Experience to Magnetize More Money, More Clients, and More Prosperity

  • Spreadsheets and Resources to Organize your Finances and Abundance

  • Community Support through the experience in our Members Only Portal throughout tax season

  • plus so much more!

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Meet Your Guides

Evelyn Von Zuel | Libra. Astrologer. Entrepreneur.

Evelyn Von Zuel is a practicing astrologer with a professional background in photography. A passion for empowering creatives to own their worth and to reclaim their power from the outdated patriarchal system, Evelyn has been educating entrepreneurs about the steps and practices to uplevel their business. Her intention here is to enhance the infrastructure of financial abundance and the planet at large.

Sabrina Riccio | Gemini. Soulful Business Mentor. Entrepreneur.

Sabrina Riccio is a Modern Mystic Business Mentor and Kundalini Yoga teacher on a mission to help Sacred Distruptors master their reality. Since obtaining her BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Chapman University, she has built two successful brands and has continued to support clients build theirs. Her passion to cultivate a conscious generation has inspired her to help conscious business owners to reclaim their power so that they may activate their legacy and unleash their medicine to anchor Heaven on Earth.

Word on the Streets

I came to Evelyn seeking support, recognizing how disempowered and frightened I felt towards my finances. She helped midwife me through my dreaded taxes with her grounding, through patience, and astrologically infused insights. I came out on the other side actually feeling capable and empowered. I highly recommend!
— Sa Ra Kwonyin | Emotional Alchemy Artist & Guide + Creatrix of CATHARSIS
The Taxes for Creatives Course was really helpful! It was nice to be able to connect in a setting with others who share similar businesses & types of income to relate about how we all handle our finances. I think everyone walked away with a much more clear vision on how to take care of our taxes without feeling like it was too difficult or daunting. Evelyn is very knowledgable & has many tips/tricks on how to get organized & stay on top of things. We were also able to understand timing based upon astrological events that are taking place which really mattered for when to file & not file. I highly recommend taking this course!
— Mieka May DBA Moon Wind Trading Co


Who is Taxes for Creatives Made for?
This experience is for the freelance artists, self employed creatives, healers and everyone in between. Even if you don't currently make enough to file but have a financial goal to one day be able to, this webinar will help you get started on that route.

Who is Taxes for Creatives Made for?
The videos are pre recorded so everyone can digest the information at their own pace. You'll also have lifetime access to the course for you to anchor in the teachings even after tax season.

This Course Sounds AMAZING, but I don't live in the US. How can Taxes for Creatives support me?
It’s time to be represented as energy healers in modern society and the economy. Every country has it’s own regulations for deductions and how they are categorized. Taxes for Creatives is still beneficial for even our international friends because we go over the process of organizing finances and keeping a monthly budget while staying present and aware of any traumas that arise surrounding self-worth and value.

Will you be filing taxes for me?
This course is designed to empower you to prep your taxes. We do not file them on your behalf but will give resources for where you can file your taxes.

What if questions arise while I am working on the course?
Sabrina and Evelyn are available to answer questions about the content in this course via email during business hours W-F 11am-2pm PST. There is also a comments section at the bottom of every chapter for course participants to share and commune during the course.

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DISCLAIMER | Nothing contained herein this course constitutes individualized advice, including accounting, tax, financial or legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is formed or intended. The goal of this experience and information is to help you become aware and identify where seeking out professionals may be useful. In no way should you rely solely on any of the information herein without consulting an expert.