As each day of the week is ruled by a specific planet, we have the power to join forces with the cosmos to successfully land our soul's mission in this human experience. 

experience the mystic planner

With the power of Kundalini Yoga + Modern Mysticism, you have the opportunity to harness your energy to cultivate revolutionary shifts in your life. From there, you become the alchemist and transform the energy that’s stuck into energy that flows. By doing the deep internal work, you’ll begin to witness the perception of your reality shift. Let’s face it… we’re all ready for something fresh, aren’t we?

this is the medicine of The Mystic Planner.

Ready to unleash your medicine with support from the cosmos?

Here's what you'll achieve...

How to harness the planetary influence or each day of the week to strategically plan ahead for your work week.

How to activate your life-force to move the masses with your medicine.

Discover what’s been blocking you from feeling inspired, aligned, and activated when it comes time to create and slay it out there.

◆ Daily Medicine Guide to harness the planetary energy of the day alongside crystals, oils, journal reflections, card spreads, and more

◆ 7 Kundalini Yoga Meditations to help you take your day to the next level

◆ The Honor Your Radness weekly calendar to check off that task list

what's included

Experience The Mystic Planner for only $79

experience the mystic planner

Don't just take my word for it!

With these kundalini meditations, I feel my energy shifting and my inner space opening up. I love the videos that felt very personal. They have become something I look forward to daily. I also love the daily worksheets. The questions are great as are the mantras, oil + crystal suggestions, and intentions.

The card spreads are also SO POWERFUL. I am a devoted tarot reader, so this spoke to me, and every time I pulled the daily spread, I received a loud, clear, INSPIRED message that blew my mind. There's nothing not to love about the Mystic Planner and it is such a great value for all the priceless tools you receive.

The Mystic Planner has helped me do deep clearing work that I wasn't sure how to do before. 

Lauren P.

I love the Mystic Planner. I now do it consistently most mornings to align myself with the Kundalini Yoga magic and my entrepreneurship journey.

Sabrina has been amazing and I love the strong masculine energy she brings in the Mystic planner and her energies in general! She balances it out with an inner feminine shakti. Its beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your dharma and sharing your light in the world. Sat Nam.

The Mystic Planner is such an amazing guide for all levels!


experience the mystic planner

Ready to Astrologically Align your Business + Life?

honor your week + Content plan your medicine for only $79

Frequently asked questions

You’ll be gaining access to a new meditation every day for 7 days. Once you’ve experienced those 7 days, you can go back and revisit the videos, download the reflection guide, and soak in all the content from the bonus goods. What I suggest is that you infuse the Daily Medicine Sessions into your daily practice and especially so when you need a pick-me-up during the week. Kundalini Yoga has the power to help you break through energetic stagnation and the blocks you’re experiencing. As a result, you’ll reactivate the life-force to help you go out there and unleash your medicine with the world.

No, my love. This is a Digital Guide to help you harness the cosmic energy of each day. See this as the chance for you to tap into the cosmic forces so that you can go forth and SLAY out there. You will be able to download a beautiful weekly task calendar to check off your to-do list for the day with style.

Yes! You can always modify Kundalini Yoga to support you and baby. Once you’ve past the first trimester, slow deep breaths are the way to go. Also, if you’re on the first 3 days of your moon, slow breathing is also recommended.

Because you’ll be gaining access to all the content, all sales are final.

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