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Welcome to the Bonus Goods! Here you can find Kundalini Yoga, a Sadhana Guide to cultivate your daily ritual, and the Magnetize Your Medicine Masterclass, alongside a 40 day practice you can cultivate during your journey through Thrive.



Kirtan Kriya

Clearing the subconscious mind of traumas and negative, unnecessary emotions, Kirtan Kriya is here to help bring total mental balance. By improves concentration and brain function, this kriya increases intuitive abilities and brings forth peace and understanding. Here, we find that Kirtan Kriya not only heals the subconscious, but it helps us discover the divine nature of all beings.


Kirtan Kriya exercise utilizes the primal sounds – and is meant to be practiced for greater attention, concentration, focus, improved short term memory, and better mood. Practice for 12 minutes over the next 40 days to transcend the subconscious mind of it's outdated beliefs and realign to the truth of who you are at the core.







Subagh Kriya

Experience "the most sacred and absolutely most powerful kriya for Kundalini Yoga" according to Yogi Bhajan, Master Teacher of Kundalini Yoga. Subagh Kriya is here to help you Activate your Abundance by strengthening your auric field. Activate and align your mindset to anchor in the prosperity, opportunity, and grace to call in the life you've always desired. It's about you tapping into your infinite potential by evoking the prosperity the Universe has in store for you.


Har | God

Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru | The Creator is bliss, Great is the Guru



Magnetize Your Medicine Masterclass

Magnetize Your Medicine Masterclass is designed to help you efficiently share your medicine with the world through Instagram. Join Sabrina alongside Miranda Luebkeman of Planet Palm Creative as they share with you their wisdom and knowledge as to how you can begin unleveling your Instagram Strategy, create a beautiful feed, the power of using the right hashtags, and what it takes to cultivate partnerships.

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