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business + medicine priestess for multidimensional leaders

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Is the current state of the world activating you to Align to your purpose? Has your own doubt blocked you from upleveling? Are you lacking the knowledge + tools to develop your online empire?

Let's face it...  while all facets of our lives are integrated, each of us came here during this wild time in human history for a reason... to be sacred disruptors. 

By committing to the deep, real work, we have the power to revolutionize the world. All it takes is you unapologetically sharing your gift, your wisdom, your Truth.

my love, it's time to 

best believe, you have what it takes develop your thriving empire from the inside-out. I'm here to show you how it's done.



true mission.

sovereign business priestess for multidimensional leaders

sat nam, I'm Sabrina

Embracing my 13+ years of brand development + market strategy, alongside my passion for mysticism and modern medicine, I guide multidimensional leaders through their medicine journey to expand their business that's genuine and True.

Committed to your brand's authenticity + the integrity of your Truth, through my mysticism, I have guided many successful businesses to their next level of success. You came here to be a Sacred Disruptor. Now's the time to reclaim your sovereignty and unleash your medicine with the world.

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Sabrina is such a soulful force of light on this planet. I love her no-nonsense & empowering way of approaching spirituality matched with effervescent vulnerability. Just, love her.

Natalia Benson  ◆   empowerment coach

Sanjay Parekh   ◆   Feather and Dot

Sabrina was hugely impactful with helping our brand reach a larger audience in the conscious entrepreneurial/ festival scene. The combination of her vision and passion helped take our project to new heights!

Sabrina is at the top of the list of impactful leaders that I've been honored to work alongside.

April Pfender   ◆   Golden Light Alchemy

Working with Sabrina was truly life changing for my business.

Rebeccca Wiseman

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