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From self study to group programs, these experiences are designed to help you unleash your medicine smarter, not harder. Infusing modern medicine with business strategy, nourish your online empire and community with purpose and intention.



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Through Social Media + Brand, Brand Rebirthing, and deepening your spiritual connection,  these mentorship experiences are designed to elevate Sacred Disruptors who are here to revolutionize + impact the world with their medicine.

Get to know Sabrina

shamanic brand strategist for sacred disruptors + sovereign CEOs

sat nam, I'm Sabrina

As a Shamanic Brand Strategist, I guide Sacred Disruptors, like you, to actualize their sovereign embodiment and answer the call to revolutionize the world with their medicine through soulful systems, quantum healing, and mystical marketing strategy.

Honoring my 15+ years of brand development + marketing strategy alongside my 20 years of building websites, I'm here to help you build your online empire and activate your legacy with integrity and intention.

You bring something unique to the world unlike anyone else. As you continue to embark deeper on your spiritual quest, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of your soulistic journey.

Know that the world is ready for your medicine. Now's the time for you to honor your gifts, passions, and wisdom learned along the way to take your business to higher heights. You ready?

Interested in collaborating? Looking into brand partnership or sponsoring the Sovereign Society Podcast? Envisioning me hosting a class or workshop at your upcoming event? Even if you have any media or press-related inquiries feel free to share your journey and information and I'll get back to you!

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An 8-week self-discovery journey into sovereign embodiment to cultivate the foundation for sustainable success

You are here during this revolutionary time to answer the call and be the change. You're ready to make an impact and income along the way. Through guidance and embracing the journey, your gifts, wisdom, and lessons learned along the way, you're ready to unleash your medicine and take your life to the next level, where you've FINALLY made your desires your reality.

It's time for you to activate, embody, and unleash YOUR Truth and as a Sovereign CEO (and this goes for you aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs out there too!), you are here to move the masses with your medicine. FOR YEARS, you've been putting in the work, and now, it's time to cultivate the solid foundation of your THRIVING online empire.

An 8-week systems + productivity experience for Golden Age Leaders to activate + cultivate sustainability and success within their thriving online empire.

Alchemize Your Systems is for the Content Mystic and Golden Age Guide who's here, ready to answer the call and implement soulful strategy, mystical planning and sovereign embodiment to experience more flow in their business and overall life.

Whether if you're alchemizing your side hustle into a successful business, or if you're ready to bless up your already successful business, implementing better management and organizational flow of beautiful systems allows you to build your business and online empire with drive, purpose, and intention. 

I'm here to share with you the exact systems and methodology I use to create content and courses that have impacted the lives of thousands around the world.

An 7-day guide of Kundalini Yoga + Modern Mysticism to Astrologically Align your Day and Slay your Work Week

Ready to strategically plan how you're unleashing your medicine with some cosmic support?

You're a cosmic being who's blessed to have this human experience because the world is craving your medicine. With the power of Kundalini Yoga + Modern Mysticism, you have the opportunity to harness your energy to cultivate revolutionary shifts in your life.

As each day of the week is ruled by a specific planet, we have the power to join forces with the cosmos to successfully land our soul's mission in this human experience. From there, you become the alchemist and transform the energy that’s stuck into energy that flows. By doing the deep internal work, you’ll begin to witness the perception of your reality shift.