Sat Nam!

I'm Sabrina Riccio. A Modern Medicine priestess, storyteller, and guide who's on a mission to revolutionize the world.

Passionate about music, travel, and my dog Bud, best believe I've been keeping it real since 1989 and I'm not stopping now.

Success and Alignment didn't happen overnight.


Trust me when I say my life was far from being all unicorns and rainbows.

At the time, while I was running a successful house music blog, interviewing the biggest DJs from around the world, living the life of any 23 year old's dream, there was a deep void I couldn't bypass any longer.  If I wanted to live the life I always desired, I was going to have to get to work and do the REAL work.

Growing up with severe depression and PTSD, I did my best to be the light, but truth was, I was in such pain. I had deep, unprocessed trauma, found myself in abusive relationships, and even found myself calling a suicide hotline. All in all, I was a hott mess who needed a reset.

Giving it all up, I devoted my heart and soul to embody the most authentic and truest version of me. Truth was, I couldn't serve others wholeheartedly if I didn't first learn how to serve myself, my needs, and more importantly, my inner child first. I had to learn how to fill my cup, heal the wounds of my past and my lineage, while learning how to best honor my boundaries and energy if I wanted to experience true success in the Golden Era and my business.

Along the way, I learned that if you want to succeed in these changing times, you too must evolve and shift. That means getting radically honest about old habits, beginning to rewrite stories from your past are still running the show, and to do the deep work to heal the wounds and childhood traumas once and for all.

Like many others, I ingested everything I could about all things spirituality and fell for the "love and light" trap of deep spiritual bypassing.

You have to understand something, many people who are just embarking on the spiritual path are doing so because they hit a rock bottom. For me, I had zero confidence, all my trauma and wounds were open, I didn't know where I belonged, and most of all, I wanted to finally break free from the shackles and claim my sovereignty.

After years of visiting healers around the world, reading hundreds of books, partaking in countless medicine journeys, and all the certifications and courses around, it wasn't until I stopped looking for answers outside of myself and started to learn to trust myself and my intuition that I was able to finally ascend and align to my full, authentic power.

While my Marketing Professor back at Chapman University anointed me with the name "Marketing Machine," my passion for brand development and market strategy has always reigned supreme. Essentially, what kept me moving and going during the dark night of the soul moments was that I knew I had a massive mission to live out here on this planet and I wanted to help those who knew they had a bigger purpose to fulfill.

because I've committed to honor the journey and trust the process, I've alchemized my purpose of being a modern medicine woman. embracing my passion to serve modern spiritual entrepreneurs, { like you! } I'm out there helping these leaders bless up their business, brand, and life.

in 2012, my pup Bud and I were struck by lightning. yep, you read that right. 

Experience after experience of trial and error, I learned what it takes to actualize the business and life of the soul's deepest desires. If you want to truly be able to make an impact and hold the space for the transformation of your clients, doing the deep work first is non-negotiable. 

ready for the Truth.

My purpose and mission is to show you how it's done.

I unapologetically shared my Truth with The Sovereign Society Podcast, taught at festivals and gatherings around the world, have been featured in publications and card decks, invited to teach at the UN, and cultivated courses and experiences to help Modern Spiritual Entrepreneurs activate their soulful business from the inside-out. 

Currently, I'm in the process of writing my memoir, going deeper into sharing my healing journey of finding alignment with my soul's mission and True purpose while answering the call to unleash my medicine with the world.

When I was still in my healing process, I kept up with marketing trends while also tapped into the new wave of how to serve and share our medicine through the advancement of modern technology while embracing the gift of being a spiritual being having a human experience. 

My drive to cultivate a conscious tomorrow wasn't going anywhere, if anything, it fueled me even more when the going got tough to heal, activate, and answer the call to show up. 

Luckily, for me, I've been able to experience how to turn your mess into your message and that all is happening for you, not to you.

six of pentacles for Moon Child Tarot by Danielle Noel

honestly, nothing lights me up more than helping people realize that they have the power to cultivate the business and life they desire most.

it's evident why Spirit led us here.

I've always known there's a deeper meaning behind our challenges, experiences, and what we navigate through.

choose to embrace your gifts, what you've conquered, and your passions. Connect the dots and see how you're here to answer the call to lead.

By honoring our journey and trusting the process, we can begin to truly answer the call as to why we're here. Luckily, with the advancement of modern technology, we have the chance to impact the lives of people all over the world and beyond our wildest dreams.

infusing the power of kundalini yoga, quantum healing, and modern mysticism, alongside my passion for branding, market strategy, and holistic healing, I’ve cultivated a soulistic approach unlike anything else out there.

through this medicine, modern spiritual entrepreneurs, sacred disruptors, and revolutionists around the world have discovered how to activate the business and life that’s in alignment to their mission, purpose, and passions while keeping it authentic and real along the way.

the medicine behind my work


Honoring your values is non-negotiable, especially when you're in the world of service. As you choose to speak up and stand up for what's just, not only do you cultivate a deeper level of self respect, but you'll also be respected by others.



There's no one out there quite like YOU! By embracing our vulnerable side and embodying what makes us, well... us, it's important to keep it real along the way. Hello, I'm an Italian Gemini raised by immigrants and New Yorkers. We tell it like it is.



There's more than enough to go around. Sharing our wisdom, helping those in need, and honoring the abundance that's to be shared, we cultivate a more loving, compassionate, and intentional place. Give from the heart and watch what you'll experience and receive back.


the ethos behind why i do what I do

Trust me when I say I have many identities...

What threads them all together are the values and the ethos that have allowed me to radiate my radness

get to know sabrina

01. natal deets




02. favorite disney princess

jasmine, duh.

03. favorite crystals


06. drink of choice

mezcal margarita
hard kombucha
craft beer


uhhh.. all!
it's a vibe

04. favorite festival

desert hearts

05. if you could eat only one food for the rest of your life...

poké´with extra seaweed salad 

07. the one person you would love to meet, dead or alive...

mother mary

08. three books that revolutionized your life

the untethered soul / Michael singer
The Alchemist / paulo Coelho
The power of myth / joseph campbell

09. someday I want to...

be a mamma

let's face it. I came here on a mission to revolutionize the world by sharing my medicine. best believe all of it is being Divinely Guided and protected.



What makes this life worth living?

after this dude and I were struck by lightning together, we've created a bond and connection that can never be broken. #tunderbuds



What makes this life worth living?

having always played a massive role in my life, music led me to God, helped me overcome depression, and offered me the opportunity to serve my community with my medicine. #letthemusicspeak 



What makes this life worth living?

it's a blessing to walk on this planet and to meet all walks of life. As a global citizen, I choose to be present to those I meet along the way, all while connecting with the beauty + gifts this world has to offer.



What makes this life worth living?

the higher the vibe, the greater the opportunities that arise. doing the deep work allows the reward to be that much greater!



What makes this life worth living?

helping people cultivate the business + life of their dreams creates a ripple effect into the world. it's how we bless up the collective and our unified human experience. uh... yes, please!



What makes this life worth living?

the lone wolf days are over. each of us bring something unique to the table. when we come together and share our gifts, embrace what lights us up and live with intention, we have the power to revolutionize the world.

What makes this life worth living?



in this moment...

I'm most likely listening to techno or tribal house music while integrating downloads as to how I can support trailblazers and spiritual entrepreneurs alike activate their soulful, profitable, + aligned business.

best believe with the advancement of modern technology, you have the power and opportunity to cultivate that balance of hustle + flow, all while keeping it real along the way.

Wanna hear what I'm jamming to?
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let the music speak

The three elements Behind your successful brand

commit to the deeper work

Because your business is an extension of you, the Golden Era is calling for you to step into your full, authentic power. Have the courage to be brave + doing the inner work to align to your desires.


hone in on your sacred why

Why are you creating this business? How do you see yourself supporting your SoulBabe client? The Golden Era is about being of service while working smarter instead of harder.


radiate your radness

Move the masses with your message. Give yourself permission to authentically be you as you speak in your voice and share elements, colors, and content that's True to you.


Dive in deeper

Ready to go there together?