Embark on a journey + reclaim your sovereignty. During a time of revolutionary spiritual leadership, tune in for authentic conversations with spiritual teachers and thought leaders alike, living their truth and inspiring others to do the same. We are here to bring back and anchor the humanness in our spiritual experience here on Earth through vulnerability, compassion, + authenticity. As we live our life from our fullest, most authentic expression, we allow ourselves to be the light in the world. As we go forth and become our own guru, we are blessed with the opportunity to infuse love where needed most.


We come together to courageously share our medicine with the world. Here, you’ll be joining us in Sacred Circle to discover what it takes to overcome your fears, listen to your intuition, practice radical forgiveness, design a business + life that supports the highest good, unapologetically let your freak flag fly, and how to step out of the spiritual closet, stand up, and gracefully share your medicine with the world.


Join us as we explore topics such as entrepreneurship, spiritual activism, conscious living, spirituality, leadership, self-love, yoga, wellness, personal development, Kundalini Yoga, the Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine, the sacred reunion, meditation, psychedelics, self-help, inspiration, consciousness, relationships, metaphysics, and self-empowerment.


Experience authentic conversations with some of today's most profound spiritual teachers and thought leaders, empowering you to honor the journey, trust the process, + embrace all facets of the human experience. 


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