Are you someone who still doesn't completely understand the cosmic energies of each astrological season, or the planets in general, but you know that these energies can be embraced to bless up your business?

Do you have a deep desire to embrace the cosmic medicine of the day to better enhance your business strategy?

Are you ready to design your content planning and workflow around your menstrual cycle? 

While each day of the week is ruled by a specific planet, because astrology is the language of the future, we have the power to join forces with the cosmos to successfully unleash our soul's mission in this human experience.

When we understand how the cosmos are enhancing the energies and frequencies that we're navigating through, embracing the medicine of Modern Mysticism and Astrology, you have the opportunity to harness the cosmic energies at play alongside your energy to cultivate revolutionary shifts in your business and life. 

Because business success comes down to healthy structures and effortless productivity, it's up to you to take the time to set yourself up for the success you're calling in and are ready to experience. I can tell you from experience, when I began to develop a relationship with the astrological energies and my menstrual cycle, I was able to be more strategic with not only the type of content I created, which I share more inside Planning with Purpose, but I also was able to have a heads up on what energies I'd be navigating through so that I could best take care of my health and wellbeing.

Planning with Purpose is a workshop and training that can better help your business and your overall wellbeing because let's face it, the future is frequency and when we cultivate a healthy relationship with the cosmos, we're able to make the most of our lives while we're here.

best believe I've got you covered with the medicine of Planning with Purpose.

Here's what you'll achieve...

Harness the planetary influence or each day of the week to strategically plan ahead for your work week and beyond!

Lead with intention and master your mission by honing in on your skills, your purpose, and your overall sacred why

Utilize and navigate through the astrological energies at play so that you can begin to create smarter, not harder

Honor the Cycles of You as you Plan alongside your menstrual cycle for optimal energy

Activating your legacy means mastering your mission while honoring your medicine and message. To activate the multi passionate powerhouse that you are, it’s time to embrace and honor your skills, passions, talents, and what lights you up most with integrity, connection, and intention.

the Call

Business success comes down to the balance of both your masculine and feminine energies. If you're someone with an active cycle, you know that some days are filled with action while others aren't. Discover how to start building your content calendar around your menstrual cycle for optimal success.

Astrology is the Language of the Future. By embracing the medicine of each Astrological Season and day of the week, you can begin to not only plan ahead and create content that speaks and honors where your soul babe is, but it also allows you to gain insight on what time of year best supports your energy, too.

The Cycles
of you

Astro Plannin'
with GOD

Discover the elements of
 Planning with purpose

Daily Medicine Guide to harness the planetary energy of the day alongside crystals, oils, journal reflections, card spreads, and more

75-minute Workshop to help you Astrologically Align your Business and Life

The Honor Your Radness weekly calendar to check off that task list

Access to the Astro Medicine for Google Calendar / iCal

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Ready to Astrologically Align your Business and Life?

Experience the medicine of
Planning with Purpose

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