031 | Beauty in the Breakdown / Sabrina Riccio

There is always such great beauty in the breakdown. We find ourselves filling, filling, filling, until there gets a point where we just explode. Those breakdowns bring forth the greatest breakthroughs, opportunities for you to face your shit and take action to choose again. This is what happened to me, and now, I’m picking up the pieces. You see, I’m all about honoring all facets of the human experience. I believe in the power of Shadow Work. I know that the stars shine brightest in the darkest of nights. 


In this episode, I go there. I get real vulnerable with you and share with you what I’ve learned from breakdown after breakdown. Growing up depressed, I found comfort in the shadows. Now that I continue working to bring in and anchor more light, when the tunnels come up, I know that there’s a purpose to it all. I want you to know that you have the capacity and ability to grow through what you go through. The icky stuff is the grit and soil to plant the seeds of what it is you're achieving. 



You are able to conquer any battle. Climb any mountain. But you must be willing to believe in yourself. “I see it when I believe it.” One of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s greatest quotes. Believe you’ll get through it. Believe you are worthy of living a life far beyond your wildest dreams. Believe that anything is possible. You must first start and then keep going. All good things come to those who are patient, resilient, and empowered to make this world a better place. Believe and you’ll see it.


031 | Beauty in the Breakdown // Sovereign Goddess Podcast


In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talked about...


☾ Conquering the demons, martyrdom, and the limiting beliefs

☾ The power of crying and breakdowns for the breakthroughs

☾ Choosing to be victorious over the victim

☾ The Power of the Kidneys

☾ Conquering Shame in the world of Instagram

☾ The importance of Shadow Work and honoring all facets of the human experience

☾ Making peace with my healing journey and the medicine of yoga

☾ Boundaries and why they are crucial

☾ Indigos up-leveling the collective consciousness and the planet

☾ The importance of health in the Golden Era



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