047 | Being Spiritually Guided + The Afterlife | Morgan Garza + Arizona Bell

Without a doubt, there is a rise of Interest in Spirituality, especially with millennials. As we are all here bridging generations, eras, and millennias, this is the time for us to get honest and real about what it means to live a life in the Golden Era. Death is inevitable as part of this cycle of life we experience, but you don’t hear much about the Afterlife. In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting with Morgan Garza and Arizona Bell, the founders of Spirit Guides Magazine + Spirit Guides Radio, to talk all things afterlife, as well as the importance of honoring your human experience alongside the guidance from Spirit and our loved ones who’ve passed over to help us navigate through this time and space with ease and grace. Catch Morgan + Arizona live in Los Angeles August 11th for A Spirited Discussion on Life, Death, and the Afterlife. In this discussion, you'll witness the spiritual perspective to explore the meaning of life, what happens after we die, and everything in between—in a casual, hilarious, and deep way!  

You can’t be committed to this half way. You can’t be committed to Spirit half way and your ego half way. It’s all or none.
— Arizona Bell of Spirit Guides Magazine
In terms of not looking what’s not darkness, it’s not that it amplifies the darkness, it literally cannot live in the light. When you look at it, it goes away and transmutes.
— Morgan Garza of Spirit Guides Magazine

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In this episode, Morgan, Arizona and I talked about….

☾ The Love and Light myth in the Spiritual Community

☾ The power of connecting with your inner child to unleash your life’s purpose

☾ Understanding what this Eclipse Season is all about

☾ Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine in the collective and business

☾ The power of your words and how they are always casting spells

☾ How Spirit Guides Magazine came to fruition

☾ The Truth about the Afterlife and what it takes to connect with Spirit and your Loved ones on the otherside

☾ Why travel is ESSENTIAL for soul expansion



Spirit Guides Magazine is your resource for inspired travel. Whether you are a pilgrim of the soul or a worldly wanderlust (or, likely, both!), we are your divinely-attuned compass.

From every corner of the world, we publish conversations with renowned spiritual leaders, mystics, healers, shamans, teachers, psychics–any midwife of spirit–as well as travel articles as seen from a mystical lens. Additionally, we curate all your favorite cosmic products, services, and events, as well as host an international spiritual directory to help you find the perfect healers, teachers, and retreat centers for your soul’s growth.

As spirituality makes its way more and more into mainstream consciousness, Spirit Guides’ intention is to be the modern voice for ancient wisdoms.

Join us as we discover the world around us and the universe within us; charting new maps for old souls.

Spirit Guides Magazine: for explorers.


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