049 | Embarking on the Lion's Gate Portal / Sabrina Riccio


How are you choosing to radiate + shine your authentic radness?


The Lion’s Gate Portal is open. It’s a potent time for humanity, especially with the density we’ve been experiencing in our physical realm in recent time. Here’s the thing, the Sun, Earth, + the Star Sirius have all aligned with the galactic center in Leo. The stars are aligned for us to step into our highest evolvement, you know… the part of you that’s aligned with your heart. The Christ Consciousness has been coming through STRONG lately. Yeshua carries the "I Am” frequency. We are here to take a stand + say that we are made in the likeness of God, Spirit, The One, the Alpha + Omega. 


You’re invited to dive in deep into your subconscious + see what limiting beliefs + patterns have been keeping you small, preventing you from living your soul’s mission + purpose. Lead with courage, + conviction with your lion heart. Deep down, you know you’re worthy of living the life of your dreams. Right now, the stars are opening the portal for you to connect with your Spiritual Truth. Remember, you are a Spiritual Being having a Hue-man Experience, so go out there + begin to shine. The veil is thin between your physical + spiritual reality. Take responsibility for your life + decide right here, right now, that you’re done playing small. Allow yourself to navigate through this time + space with ease + grace by connecting to your Highest Self. You are co-creating your reality with God, Spirit, Universe with every breath. 


The Gates are open for you to begin your transformational journey with THRIVE. To honor the Lion’s Gate portal that lasts until the New Moon in Leo on the 11th, I’m offering an early bird special to anyone who applies and sets up a soul alignment call with me to see if we’re a good fit. We begin our journey on 9/9/18… a 9.9.9 portal. This is a potent year, hence why we’ve endured what we’ve endured. You got this. You are here to be the Diamond in the rough. 


Allow the Rebirth to begin. Share with me below and know that I am keeping all of you who share in my heart today during this auspicious time in humanity.

049 | Embarking on the Lion's Gate Portal / Sovereign Society Podcast

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