087 | Shifting Your Subconscious Mind | Stephanie Bellinger

As we embark on a new season, it’s time for us to rebirth ourselves and to take the initiative to align to our Truth. This requires us to not only take inventory about our thoughts and views, but also, if we’re taking action to make those dreams our reality. Fear has been running the show in the collective and this is the time for us to reclaim our power. We as a collective have an opportunity to change the trajectory of this life and it’s up to us to embody what’s genuine, authentic and sacred. Stephanie Bellinger of @thespiritualbossbabe reminds us that we have the opportunity to infuse more ease and flow in all aspects of life. It comes down to us healing ourselves and honoring the sacredness life offers. We see how business is shifting and what’s been seen is the truth that people are craving connection and to share that, we must first connect with ourselves, our Truth, and our essence. As we begin to truly embrace all facets of our human experience with the understanding of the interconnectedness of it all, we find ourselves cultivating the business and life that’s aligned to our soul’s Truth and purpose.

In this Episode, Stephanie and I talked about…

◆ The importance of doing the deep internal work when building your soulful business

◆ How plant medicine can expand your life + subconscious mind

◆ How infusing more play allows more abundance

◆ What it takes to activate a spirit led business

◆ Vulnerability + the impact it has in our business

◆ Quantum Manifestation and shifting the Subconscious Identity

◆ Embracing the lessons of your past + your journey

◆ How to understand your purpose

... and so much more.


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