018 | Aligning to Abundance through the Summer of Change

There have been deep shifts for me since my move and having the blessing to witness what I experienced at Oregon Eclipse Gathering. For the first time in my life, I ALLOWED myself to slow down, and wow was it not only foreign, but oh so potent. In this episode, I shared how this Summer of Change brought forth the greatest blessings I’ve experienced thus far. I’ve seen a shift that has led me to deep abundance, growth, opportunity, connection, and remembrance. This summer really allowed me to step out of the spiritual closet and into alignment with my soul’s truth.

Sovereign Goddess Podcast chapter 018 Aligning to Abundance through the Summer of ChangeSovereign Goddess Podcast chapter 018 Aligning to Abundance through the Summer of Change

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In this episode I talk about…

☾ Understanding the power of Abundance
☾ The power of embracing our full, authentic self
☾ Your words have power, choose wisely.
☾ Releasing the Warrior complex from our Past Lives
☾ Solar Eclipse insights
☾ Life as a sacred ceremony
☾ Living in a space of surrender and flow
☾ Understanding the energy of RESIST

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