Staying Woke During this Time of Change



Autumn is coming and wow, is the shift REAL! Since the Great American Solar Eclipse, many have shared with me that they’ve felt a sense of a rebirth. As the Sun + Moon made love, we found ourselves feeling rejuvenated and aligned. I recently had the opportunity to teach THE ALCHEMY SESSIONS at Oregon Eclipse Gathering and wow, did you guys and gals bring it! The amount of healing that happened in that tent was so powerful and impacting, I feel extremely blessed and honored to have witnessed that beautiful experience. I came back from that experience feeling more in my Shakti, my power, my bliss and my purpose than ever before. Cultivating sacred space with 60K+ people for a week was something I will always cherish


Without a doubt, it’s been rough in the default world lately. We’ve been seeing heartless people make insensitive decisions. We’ve seen separation, natural disasters, devastation, and pain. But we’ve also been able to see another side of the human experience lately. Community, activism, connection, courage, faith, and embracing the Now time and time again. This place we call home is always overflowing with abundance. We have the power to honor and accept it, but it’s up to us.

The reason why we don’t always accept the abundance that surrounds us is that we believe we are unworthy of it. When we don’t allow in the gifts life has to offer us, it’s because we believe one of these, if not all.


❖ we are unworthy (“who am I…”)
❖ we think we’re not ready.
❖ we are scared thanks to past trauma.

How do I know… I’ve been there and was there for some time. I was afraid to shine my light, show my face, step up into my purpose… and it felt like shit. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to believe in myself to make the changes that would truly benefit my life. What I know for sure… this work doesn’t happen overnight. I was committed to my spiritual path by embarking on a journey of self-discovery, remembrance, and love. I did the trainings, got the certifications, worked with coaches, fostered a stronger relationship with God, and traveled to distant places to truly align with my soul’s Truth.

I needed time to heal. I needed time to feel whole again. I needed to honor the journey and trust the process. I needed to be with me.

There is no accident why we are witnessing what’s been going on in the world. We’ve been asleep and playing small for far too long. This is the Great Awakening we’ve all been waiting for. Our light within is brighter than you think it is. So please, stop dimming yourself and start getting real.


We are here on a Spiritual adventure. There will always be twists + turns, ebbs + flows, challenges + victories. It’s what’s brought balance and equanimity to this yin + yang polar field. Luckily though, we have the resources to prepare ourselves as we go forth and live out this blessing we call life.


And now, I’m here to help you. It’s my soul’s purpose to support my brothers and sisters to align to a world where people are living on mission with ease and grace. This is how Love takes the lead and helps us navigate through this awakening we are witnessing on the planet.


Taking the time to honor our basic needs, to love ourselves, and to see where we can cultivate more forgiveness, empathy, and compassion is crucial in the world today. But for us to see that in the world, we MUST realize that it has to begin in our personal lives. As we begin to tap into our Divine Source that is always abundant and flowing, we find ourselves brave enough to face our dragons both internally + out in the world through ritual and intention.


When we dedicate and commit ourselves to our wellbeing, it will ripple out to the world. It’s no coincidence why the self-help section is poppin’ over at your local bookstore. We are ready to live on purpose. We have to cut through our shit in order to experience Heaven on Earth… and guess what… OUR TIME IS NOW!


That means being willing to honor your imperfections, love your inner child, forgive yourself and others for past mistakes, live from a space of unconditional love + compassion, remembering that everyone is doing their best based on their level of awareness.

For us to go out in the world and shine our authentic light, we must first fill our cups. That overflow of joy, love, and laughter comes from the abundance of love you’ve cultivated for yourself first and foremost. Committing the time to honor yourself shows the Universe you’re ready for this journey. Luckily for you, I’m here to help you become aware of the areas in your life that are missing your light.

For a limited time, I’m offering STAY WOKE, a spiritual reboot to help you elevate and excel for the Awakening of the Golden Era.


Valued at $777, this offer is available for the ONE TIME PAYMENT of $555

With your investment you’ll receive…</h3

❖ 75 min coaching call via ZOOM
❖ 40-day customized sadhana recorded and delivered to your inbox
❖ PDF to track your Sadhana progress
❖ Crystal PDF based on your natal chart
❖ ( 3 ) card Oracle / Tarot spread

So why $555 you ask?

Having support and understanding the power of numerology has been a major catalyst in my growth and evolution. Making conscious shifts like aligning to the connection of this multi-dimensional universe allows you to move beyond time and space that we experience in our 3D reality. Staying Woke means becoming aware as to how the Universe is always here to support you, it’s just wether or not you tap into that infinite potential.

5 is the number of change and when we see numbers repeating, the energy is heightened. According to the angel Doreen Virtue, 555 is an angel number that represents the message of HUGE change throughout your entire life. In order for us to see these changes in the highest possible course, it’s important to be aligned and focused on keeping your thoughts positive, your actions aligned as you stay centered in prayer and affirmations.

Um…yas, please.

Here’s what people are saying who have worked with me in the past…

There is something really special about working with Sabrina, I feel like there is always a very symbiotic relationship and an unconditional support she provides me. I worked with her as a life coach and she would always pose very important questions for me to consider every step of my way in discovering the right life path for me. She is compassionate and loving and is here to serve you and the world! She is now dedicating her studies towards kundalini and heightening the world’s vibrations, I got to practice a little bit with her and understanding more and more the power of the poses, the mudras and the mantras. May you continue to share your gifts with people and may those who are touched by you share that light with others! Namaste Sister.

— ANGELINE C. // @theartrising

Sabrina is the REAL DEAL. I am so grateful to of had a reading and healing from her. Everything was spot on. Even though our session was remote, I could feel her healing traveling throughout my body and she confirmed my exact feelings during our session. Her reading was mind-blowingly accurate. Everything I needed to hear and more. Sabrina has a unique way of combining her powerful gifts and making it super easy and chill for her clients. I cannot speak highly enough and frequently refer to her as my “shaman”. Regardless if you’re a “spiritual” person or not, you will feel comfortable and receive massive results from a session with her. Do it now!


Working with Sabrina has uplifted me in ways I never previously thought possible. With her guidance, I’m discovering the ways in which I hold myself back and how I can heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Her work is teaching me the areas in my life I need to focus on and what I need to let go of. I now feel more powerful and capable than ever. Our sessions have truly been an incredible and rewarding experience.

— CRYSTAL GARCIA // @crystal_travelstoo


Pretty rad, right? All of these women are doing incredible work in the world and now, I’m here ready to help you get there too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see a world where people are living on purpose with ease and grace.

A world where communities are restored.
A world where peace begins with each and every one of us.
A world where love is flooding the streets instead of violence.
A world where war is over.
A world where people are living passionate lives.

And it starts with us.


Sign Up for STAY WOKE today by clicking here. Space is limited. Allow me to help support you as you go forth and live your soulistic life. I’m so excited to see you soon!


All my lovin’

xx rin

PS. if you’re looking for a payment option, feel free to reach out to me here.

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