020 | The Metamorphosis of Shamanessa Goddessa + Embracing our Medicine

After years of hiding behind brands, I finally came out of the closet and stepped into my brilliance and radiance as Sabrina Riccio. For the past two years, I hid behind Shamanessa Goddessa and while she’s evolving, I too have evolved. It wasn’t until I was bitch slapped by Spirit to change my name that I actually had the courage to do so. It was a massive ego check for me to wake up and to own who I am at the core of my be-ing.

There are major shifts happening all around us and within us. As I’ve been diving into my Saturn Return, I’ve been seeing the areas in my life that needed to be revisited and reevaluated and of course my business would come up. While opportunities have been presenting themselves lately, I had to get real with myself and say I’ve been playing small because in my heart, I know I have. With this, I’m also choosing to not beat myself up. Rather, I’m choosing to honor myself that I realized that I was doing the best I could as I was working on filling my own cup for the first time in my life. Some people may not have understood or had expectations from me, but what helped me through those challenging misunderstandings is that I’ve always stayed true to what felt right in my heart and soul. I needed to take care of my needs before I could be in total service. This practice of radical self-care showed me that I needed to be behind Shamanessa Goddessa because the essence of Shamanessa Goddessa needed to work through me and heal me so that in return, I can use this platform to uplift my tribe and the people.

We cannot play small anymore. My recent trip to visit the Self Realization Fellowship where Yogananda lived in LA was beyond life-changing. As I stood in front of the ashes of Ghandi and was on the sacred grounds of one of the most respected human beings to enter this planet, Yogananda shared with me how I needed to step up and bring the teachings and the wisdom to the people who need it most. Making these teachings accessible is why Spiritual Teachers are really here. This isn’t about our ego, it’s about how we can show up and serve humanity.

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So here I am. Standing up and showing up as my fullest expression. For the first time in my life, I love myself. Like really love myself. And wow, does it feel amazing. Now, I can share that love with the world and I’m looking forward to see how this story unfolds as I honor and respect myself as Sabrina Riccio.

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