038 | The Truth Behind Contrast + The Uprise of Conscious Brotherhood // Ryan Fontana

When you think your life is going to flow in one direction, a curveball can be thrown your way that will lead you to a path that’s far beyond your wildest dreams. This is what happened to my brother Ryan Fontana. After years of traveling the world as part of the DJ duo Sex Panther, the constant partying caught up to him in a way where there was no turning back. With his body shutting down, it became evident that he was embarking on a spiritual awakening that would forever shift the trajectory of his life.

What happens in the microcosm in our own journey individually is also happening in the collective.

— Ryan Fontana

What made this episode so special for me was the simple fact that I’ve known Ryan for over 8 years. We were two lost souls at Chapman University, doing our best to figure out this thing called life. He saw me at my rock bottom during my difficult LSD trips. He’s seen me in my period of insecurity and depression. He continues to support me as I do for him as we are committed to do the work and rise up together and individually. It’s been a long road we’ve endured as we both dove head first into the music industry world after graduating college, but what’s remained constant is the fact that we’ve always supported and seen one another and the soul that resides and thrives in the world.

038 | The Truth Behind Contrast + The Uprise of Conscious Brotherhood // Ryan Fontana | Sovereign Society Podcast038 | The Truth Behind Contrast + The Uprise of Conscious Brotherhood // Ryan Fontana | Sovereign Society Podcast

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In this episode of the Sovereign Society Podcast, Ryan Fontana and I talked about….

☾ Ryan’s journey towards living a full and authentic life

☾ Understanding that what happens in the microcosm in our own journey individually is also happening in the collective.

☾ Transcending the Messiah Complex that rises when first embarking on the Spiritual Journey
☾ How Traditional forms of masculinity no longer serves society

☾ The truth about how people begin to see you as you continue to shift and up level

☾ The topic of mental illness and the darkness people face in high pressured industries such as the Music Industry

☾ The uprise of Conscious Brotherhood Groups and the birth of Man Cave

☾ Getting real and transcending the “Shiny Object Syndrome”

☾ Why Millennials are so passionate about living with intention as we continue to shift and rise to our authentic radness

☾ Transcending Conspiracy Theories and transmuting the fear by creating your reality that’s aligned with what you actually want to focus on and create

☾ Contrast being such a beautiful teacher

☾ How Conscious Relationships are Shifting as Men + Women’s Circles are Rising Up



About Ryan Fontana

Ryan Fontana is an artist, adventurer, and transformational coach. After touring around the world for five years in the DJ Duo, Sex Panther, Ryan had a spiritual awakening and realized that the rockstar life he had been living was no longer authentic. Packing his bags, he set off for SouthEast Asia, leaving a thriving career and old life behind. What has been birthed from the past three years of soul searching and following divine guidance is an authentic presence, power, and stoke for life unlike anything before. Now a transformational coach, he supports artists and entertainers on their own path of awakening and has re-emerged into the underground dance music scene, activated and upgraded under the moniker, Soul Panther.




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Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/soul_panther



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