045 | Choosing to Evolve into a DreamMason | Alex Terranova

Alex Terranova has been on a recent quest, guided by his intuition on where to go next. Soon enough, Alex found himself in Joshua Tree to rent a house for a month and to discover what medicine would be there for him. As I found myself in the wrong, or so I thought, yoga class, I met Alex and was inspired by his willingness to truly honor the journey and trust the process. With a past of “having it all,” it wasn’t until his transformational breakthrough while traveling in Costa Rica that Alex discovered that something’s gotta shift. He’s learned how to feel, honor his feelings, and what it means to be a powerful man in today’s world.

We’re only actually a strong, powerful man if we’re actually willing to be vulnerable.

— Alex Terranova

As a Business, Life and Mindfulness Coach, Alex is on a mission to help people discover their greatness and build the life of their dreams. It’s up to us to decide and choose that we are worthy and we are ready to make our dreams our reality. 


You’ve gotta be vulnerable enough to be able to dream and brave enough to actually be putting pieces and blocks together.

— Alex Terranova

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In this episode Alex and I talked about…

☾ Alex’s Nomadic Journey that led him to Joshua Tree

☾ What it takes to find people on your same vibe

☾ Healing the wounded Masculine + Feminine within

☾ Becoming aware of separateness 

☾ The truth behind shame vs guilt and how to heal our intimacy issues

☾ The rise of Spiritual Bypassing and why we need to become more aware

☾ What we experience is simply our choice

☾ What it means to just be with your feelings

☾ Healing stigmas around therapy

☾ Learning what it means to really heal

☾ How women can begin to hold space for men

☾ Taking responsibility for your decisions and knowing that everything is part of purpose

☾ Alex’s DreamMason story that led to his transformational shift

☾ The True Power behind Vulnerability

☾ Honoring what it takes to be Balanced 

☾ Understanding that there is no good or bad decisions

☾ The power of Choice and why it’s EVERYTHING

☾ Choosing to be supported by a strong inner circle



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