051 | Anchoring + Activating the New Earth / Sabrina Riccio | sabrinariccio.com

051 | Anchoring + Activating the New Earth / Sabrina Riccio

Can we just talk about what a gnarly summer it was?! The energies were intense. We straight up got a Spiritual ass kicking and it was perfect. It’s been a blessing in disguise. How so? It’s prepping you for the manifestations you’ve been calling in, patiently waiting for. When you have the faith in knowing that what is yours will be yours, you can go forth with non attachment. It takes practice. It’s why we do Kundalini Yoga. We are able to cut through the blocks, break the shackles that have been holding us down. It’s up for you to DECIDE that enough is enough. It’s up for you to decide that you’re ready to take inspired right action (hello Mars Direct!) and prepare yourself to anchor in what is it you desire. You’re worthy of it. Believe me. 


After connecting with the kids of the Golden Era, I was inspired to share with you the power of the 9/9/18 portal and to share with you how we anchor in the New Earth.9/9/18 is a massive Galactic portal for us. What we’ve experience the last 12 weeks has been no joke. We’ve been dying out the old systems that no longer serve, cleaning house, and making room for what’s ready to be anchored in. This is your mettamorphosis to attain peace. Peace of mind begins with you honoring you with love. Understand what you’ve experienced is all perfect. This week, we are asked to go within and reevaluate and reassess what is true to us. How do you know what’s true? If it feels expansive, it’s your Truth. If it feels icky and restrictive, choose what feels good. This is the last purge of the week. I know where I am here in Joshua Tree, we’re experiencing another heat wave so that we can burn out what doesn’t serve… just as we have with climate change. Gaia has been wanting us to wake the fuck up! No more playing small. No more being selfish. Start to become more aware of your actions, motives, behaviors, your beingness. 

051 | Anchoring + Activating the New Earth | Sovereign Society Podcast with Sabrina Riccio051 | Anchoring + Activating the New Earth | Sovereign Society Podcast with Sabrina Riccio

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In this episode I talk about…

☾ Understanding the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age

☾ The truth about the Mayan Calendar

☾ The importance of your Aura + Strengthening the Lower Triangle

☾ What it means to navigate through these challenging times

☾ How to prepare for the 9/9/18 portal 



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