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Transmuting Shadow into Light with Bryanna Dee

All darkness is is the absence of light. We know the stars shine brightest in the darkest of nights and my guest today, is a living and thriving example to the truth that you are not your story. Bryanna Dee is someone who loves talking about the darkness because she knows how rich it is. Here, we find the grit, the strength, the understanding as to why we’re here. We can grow up with trials and tribulations, but the challenges we endure gift us the capacity to be more compassionate and empathetic to those we meet along the way. Life is always happening for us, not to us and with the willingness to dive in deep, you’d be amazed what you find deep within.

In this episode, Bryanna and I talked about….

☾ Honoring the Path of Darkness 

☾ The gift of presence + what it means to Be Here Now

☾ How to connect the dots of your past to discover your passion and purpose

☾ Bryanna’s Journey of Growing Up around Addiction

☾ Transmuting Trauma + PTSD

☾ How Shadow Work IS Lightwork

☾ The Power of Choice

☾ What it means to embrace all facets of your hue-man experience

 … plus so much more.

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Discover Bryanna Dee

Bryanna Dee is a transformational coach, speaker, and podcast host who is committed to personal activism—campaigning for transformation of society through the transformation of individuals—in both personal and professional settings.





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