11 Must Have Apps for the Sovereign CEO

We live in a paradigm where we have the whole world at our fingertips… literally. Since the advancement of modern technology, we’ve grown custom to instant gratification. We can tap into that instant gratification to shift our perceptions over to love when we find ourselves caught up. Living in the Golden Era, we have the power to use technology wisely. In an instant, we can turn this train around so that we may follow the path that’s in alignment with the highest benevolence of Truth, Love + Compassion. Whether it be finding a source of inspiration through music or the mysticism, or to jot down ideas, or to honor your financial abundance, I know what’s helped me stay centered in my Truth and in alignment with my Soul’s Purpose are working with some conscious apps on my phone.

I recently shared on Instagram a screenshot of a love note from one of my favorite apps. Many of you asked and wanted to know what app it was, so I felt called to compile my go-to apps. This collection of apps help me bring the mysticism + the love more into my life, especially at those moments I need it most.


Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue

This is one of my all-time favorite apps that help me instantly align to my Soul’s Highest Truth. What’s great about this app is that you can decide how many times a day you wish to receive your love note from Archangel Michael. Receiving friendly reminders from one of my go-to Spirit Guides allows me to return to the breath, and with his sword, we get to cut through any of the limiting beliefs that may be running through my monkey mind. | $4.99

Purchase Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue from the Apple App Store

Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue

Numerology is one of my go-to ways Spirit Speaks to me. Hearing her Loud and clear, her guidance comes through in places like license plates, addresses, receipts, and time. When I find myself in a conversation within my mind, numerology helps me with better clarity and confirmations when I need a little nudge from my Spirit Guides. Allow yourself to hear the guidance and tap into the abundance of information coming through from your highest self to find alignment with your Soul’s Highest Good. | $6.99

Purchase Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue from the Apple App Store


Podcasts are great because you can listen to them on the go and gather information in times when you don’t have the time to sit down and read. I’m an auditory learner best, so for me to hear inspiration and wisdom, that’s when it begins to really kick in for me. By now, you should be listening to the Sovereign Goddess Podcast. Personally, bringing together and listening to thought leaders from all around the world, I’ve found that podcasts are able to uplift humanity with the power of our voice and the voice of those who are out in the world making it a better place. If you’re not subscribed to the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I invite you to check out the wisdom, stories, and inspiration my friends and I are here to share with you!

Listen + Subscribe to the Sovereign Goddess Podcast on the Apple Podcast app

Time Nomad

When you begin tapping into Astrology and studying astrological charts, you’ll begin to understand how the planets are in (or aren’t) in your favor. You can visit transits, aspects, the houses, and see where the planets are aligned in comparison to one another. Learning more about the placement of these planets gives you the opportunity to go one step further and be guided by the Planets of our Solar System as you go forth and build your queendom with grace.

Download Time Nomad from the Apple App Store

Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild

The Rumi Oracle deck by the goddess Alana Fairchild is forever a go-to deck. I have to get realistic sometimes and realize I can’t haul around 8 decks all the time. This app allows me to do pulls and spreads when I need more guidance on the go. The ultimate poet of love, Rumi has allowed me to tap into love when I need it most. Working with this app has helped me in times when I needed to disconnect with the world around me and reconnect with my natural state of be-ing, finding flow and alignment with my Heart of my Soul. | $12.99

Purchase Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild from the Apple App Store


I will forever be devoted to the power of Music. As a former Music Journalist, Soundcloud is a miracle of an app. Discovering sets from my favorite DJs and also subscribing to podcasts through Soundcloud offers me the soul food I need when my body needs to groove and when I need to get to the wire and get shit done! Recently, Soundcloud almost became a ghost town. When I heard that, I knew it was time for me to show gratitude for this platform and give it some love by adding it to this list because some of the music posted here has gotten me through the roughest times of my life. You can always keep up on my SoundCloud to see what music’s inspiring me. All I can say, Let the Music Speak with Soundcloud.

Download Soundcloud from the Apple App Store | Google Play

#Truthbomb by Danielle LaPorte

Like an instant Oracle Card reading, this is one of my go-to’s when I need a little boost. I love Danielle for her authenticity and realness and to have a little #truthbomb to help me wake up and realign brings me back into the holy moment that is the present. If you’re someone who looks forward to your daily #Truthbomb emails, this app allows you to tap in when needed most. You can favorite your favorite #Truthbombs, share them via social media or text, and setup love notes via your notifications. | $3.99

Purchase #Truthbomb by Danielle La Porte from the Apple App Store | Google Play

Deluxe Moon

As a wild moon-child, Deluxe Moon helps me see where my homegirl’s at. Offering the sign, how many days until the full and new moon, moonrise + moonset and the ability to look forward or backward to see where she’ll be, allows me to become more aware of where I’m at and the emotions I may be visiting during her journey. | $2.99

Purchase Deluxe Moon from the Apple App Store  | Google Play


Evernote has become one of my new favorite apps to work with. Syncing with your computer, if you ever have a wave of inspiration coming your way and you want to jot down a note, you can access it on all your devices. You can also save website links, photos, and record quick audio notes. I know for me, inspiration comes when I least expect it. To be able to jot down in a holy instant allows me to stay in the flow and not regret when I forgot a brilliant download that came through.

Download Evernote from the Apple App Store  | Google Play

Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas

It’s always fun to put out into the Universe your Money goals you wish to manifest for the month. The Goddesspreneur of LuckyBitch.com, Denise’s life’s work is to help mentor female entrepreneurs to become aware of their money mindset as they build their queendoms. Over time, you can begin to track your progress and check in with how you were feeling about money during that time and share your gratitiude for that energetic exchange in your gratitude journal provided inside the app. The best part. When you submit your money earnings or value, you hear a little Cha-ching!! It’s all in the details, baby.

Download Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas from the Apple App Store



While we must remember that life is unfolding as it should, it’s important for us to return to love in a holy instant. As we come to awareness with where our minds are going, it’s always important to slow down, breathe, and to find ourselves in alignment with a new world that is serving the Divine + the greatest good for ALL in every moment. Returning to the oneness and the truth that Love is all there is, we can begin to heal and transmute the pain, suffering, or whatever else needs our undivided love and affection in the moment. Our presence is everything. Make time to be gentle with yourself when you find yourself lost on a path that leaves you feeling separate from your Divine Source. Love is all there is. Love is all there is.

Are there any other apps you feel every Shamanessa Goddessa should have? Share below so that we may all be able to connect to the Divine Guidance that’s always present for us to tap into and share with the world.

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