Reclaiming your Sovereignty from Reptilian Forces »

Reclaiming your Sovereignty from Reptilian Forces

We are living in times where stepping into your sovereign power is a nonnegotiable and fortunately, there are spiritual teachers out there who have the courage to share with the world the truth that part of this war is with the reptilian forces. Now, while Reptilians may be controversial so some, those who’ve tapped into their multidimensional selves see clearly that we are navigating through a wild spiritual war.

Without a doubt, those who’ve been most triggered during quarantine are the ones who have an opportunity to reclaim their power and do the deeper work. No longer do we need to have our traumas of the past and unaligned beliefs and conditions to run the show. This is the time for us to reclaim our sovereignty by choosing to take responsibility for our energy, our lives, and the world we want to live.

In this episode, I get honest and real about my journey of battling reptilian forces, what these lower dimensional beings are, and what it takes to really step into your sovereign power when the world needs it most. Rather than feeling victimized by the current state of the world, it’s our time to feel victorious.

In this episode, I talk about…

◆ Recognizing the Reptilian Forces

◆ Understanding your Reptilian Brain and its connection to the unconscious and subconscious mind

◆ How doing trauma work helps you awaken your sovereign power

◆ My journey of battling reptilian forces

◆ The importance of having a healthy aura

◆ Infiltrations in the spiritual community

If you’re ready to align and embody your Truth, I invite you to join me for THRIVE. During this 8-week container, we’ll be reprogramming your subconscious mind, reclaiming what’s yours, and paving the path for you to serve.

The doors close 8/16

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