How to Keep Sane During the 2020 Election Season »

How to Keep Sane During the 2020 Election Season

As we approach the 2020 Election Season, it’s important for you to honor your energy + overall sanity by nourishing your mental health + wellbeing. Yes, times are testy. Truth be told, you were made to slay this wild journey and times we’re living. You bring something to the collective unlike anyone else.

From your experiences, your passions, and the wisdom you bring, you have the power to revolutionize the world. The major factor in being of service all comes down to how you’re honoring you! Yes, Mars will be retrograde as too will Mercury be retrograde, but this is the time to demand justice and to use your platform to implement real change.

117 | How to Keep Sane During Election Season / Sovereign Society Podcast with Sabrina Riccio

To Keep Sane during 2020 Election Season, I talk about…

◆ The importance of staying on the highest timeline

◆ 7 ways to keep sane during Election Season

◆ Resources to help you become fully embodied in your sovereign power

◆ Oracle Card Pull for guidance and inspiration during these shifting times

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Ready to Embody Your Sovereign Truth?

As we get closer to the election, radical self nourishment comes in many forms. The best way for you to reclaim your power is by diving within. By clearing out Ancestral Karma, Inner Child Wounds, and Societal Conditioning, you have the ability to become fully embodied in your sovereign power.

To help you get there, I’m offering THRIVE in a self-study format for you to activate and align. Whether a Spiritual Entrepreneur, a Truth seeker, or a Modern Mystic, THRIVE is for the sovereign leader of today who is ready to unleash with the world why they‘re really here.

Working alongside astrological + cosmic forces, THRIVE is for those who are ready, willing, + able to get out of their own way. It‘s time to step into your full authentic power with integrity, intention, and purpose. Implementing teachings of quantum expansion, kundalini yoga, + modern mysticism THRIVE is here to help you break free from past conditioning, healing loops, consciousness traps, and limiting beliefs once and for all.

As a BONUS, when you sign up for the Fall Semester, you’ll gain access to a group coaching call on 11/10

117 | How to Keep Sane During Election Season / Sovereign Society Podcast with Sabrina Riccio


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