Life Beyond Spiritual Conditioning with Aycee Brown

We are days away from 2020 crystal vision. By creating conscious decisions that can make lasting change in your life, best believe it will trickle into all areas of your business and life. From this space, we have the power to live beyond conditioning, especially stemming from spiritual teachings. Spirituality isn’t going anywhere. We’re seeing it in the corporate office, all over social media, and on bookshelves around the world.

With 2020 around the corner, collectively, our consciousness and our overall awareness are inevitably going to experience and upgrade and a shift. While many of the spiritual teachings that have been shared by coaches and leaders were written in a time before the shift of 2012 and a new millennium, it’s important to honor the truth that many of these teachings need a reboot. Our energy has shifted in such a way that we have the opportunity to work with these teachings as a guide. It’s not the end-all way of being… you’re sovereign remember!

Spiritual Doula and Human Design Expert Aycee Brown is on a mission to help people honor why they are really here. In an oversaturated market of coaches and mentors, true leadership reigns within those who unapologetically show up as their full, authentic self. Now is the time for us to embrace our failures, our journey, our stories to go out into the world and unleash our medicine once and for all. To get there, we must get radically honest with ourselves about our desires, our energy, and what lights us up.



In this Episode, Aycee and I talked about…

◆ The gist of Human Design

◆ Waking up from the conditioning of Spirituality and the teachings of it

◆ The truth about what makes you a next-level coach

◆ How to experience true abundance through sustainability

◆ Infusing Spirituality into Corporate Life

◆ How honesty gets you to your desires

◆ The power Black Women and people of color bring to the collective consciousness

… and so much more


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Aycee Brown Is A Spiritual Doula, Intuitive Strategist, Psychic Channel & Human Design Expert. And she is also an entrepreneur. She Helps People Discover, Nurture & Amplify Their Auras Through Spiritual Self Development & Human Design. 

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