The Medicine of Astrology + Your Natal Chart with Ayesha of Oath Oracle

Leading with integrity is the only way to be of service. As we continue to embark on the journey of anchoring the Aquarian Age, now, more than ever is it important for Truth, compassion, and sovereignty to reign supreme. And while committing to the deeper work is non-negotiable, you are able to move the masses with your medicine when you give yourself permission to answer the call and deepen your spiritual self from within. Truth Embodiment Guide Ella Tsang is out in the world, helping people activate and embody their TRUTH through the modalities of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Kundalini Yoga to show up and serve on a deep subconscious level.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Owning your power by fully embracing your name

◆ How astrology has the ability to transform trauma into freedom and power

◆ Gaslighting in the love + light programming

◆ Understanding Lilith in your chart to heal the wounded feminine

◆ Strengthening the Nervous System to inhabit your body

◆ Transmuting toxic masculinity

◆ With faith trusting the divine timing + divine plan especially during the challenges…plus so much more

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Discover More about Ayesha of Oath Oracle

Ayesha is a Visionary Astrologer and mystic biz strategist, passionate about transforming past trauma into power & freedom.

Consistent ritual, shadow work & manifestation practice has been key to creating her soul-fuelled business, transforming poverty into consistent 5-figure months and creating ripples of positive impact with her work.

Her vision is New Paradigm conscious business, financial freedom and liberation for all creators, so we can thrive, explore our Potential, own our Power and stand in our Purpose, each of us making this world more beautiful and ethical with our soul work.







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sabrina here!

Let's just say it, you came here to revolutionize the world with your medicine. Thanks to the blessing of social media and modern technology, we have the opportunity to build an online empire that allows us to make the most of our life. Since your business is an extension of you, it's up to YOU to define what success means to you. That's the definition of Sovereignty.

My passion for social justice, modern medicine, sovereign embodiment, and true liberation and freedom has fueled me to help Sovereign CEOs, like you, to activate their legacy and utilize systems + strategies for sustainable success while impacting their communities.

All I know is that now's the time for you to design the business and life you desire most. Best believe I'm here to help you nourish your online empire as you continue to answer the call to unleash your medicine.

honor the journey. trust the process.

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