The Ethereal + Alchemical Process of Transmuting Pain into Power with Ayesha Ophelia »

The Ethereal + Alchemical Process of Transmuting Pain into Power with Ayesha Ophelia

Throughout our multiple lifetimes, we are destined to experience emotions of the masses that often leave us feeling depleted, heartbroken and defeated. What we often forget is that these sensations are here to guide us on the path to our ultimate destination. It is important to hone in and embrace these feelings to help us take flight and become the most powerful we can be.

Today, Sabrina is joined by spiritual entrepreneur Ayesha Ophelia, otherwise known as The Girlfriend Manifesto, to give voice to the power that comes from transforming the pain they’ve encountered throughout their lifetime to create the businesses that they both dreamed of. Join them in the journey of turning their suffering and intuition into the ultimate strength.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ Embracing your Business’ Deva throughout the evolutionary journey

◆ How to become more lucid in your life

◆ Cultivating grief as your ally

◆ Sovereign Leadership and the importance of nourishing your needs first

◆ The alchemical process of transmuting pain into power

◆ Transcending the hustle of the matrix to cultivate Spiritual Awareness

◆ Cultivating a healthy relationship with plant medicines and your soul’s evolutionary journey

…plus so much more

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Discover Ayesha Ophelia

Ayesha Ophelia has built her purpose and life around her patchwork creativity and deep passion for people, plants, and potential. She is amongst other things a facilitator, coach, creator, curry lover, spiritual provocateur, and complicated woman. She is also the creator of The Girlfriend Manifesto, Society of Wild Hearts, and plans to work more in the conscious media field.




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