069 | The Evolution of Soulful Business from the Inside-Out | Brittany Reid


More and more Kundalini Business Babes are rising to the surface. To be able to transmute trauma and density in our energetic auric field, we allow ourselves to Radiate our Radness by embodying the light we wish to see in the world. This practice continues to grow in popularity and there’s no denying the power of this technology. We are living in times where we can no longer play small. We have a civic duty to live out our dharma, our Divine Purpose and Mission in order to anchor in the Golden Era. There is also a rise of plant medicines as Cacao has made a resurgence to help us open our heart space so that we can go forth and live with the mercy and compassion to implement great change in the world.

The state of our health matters most, especially if you are a conscious entrepreneur. Our energy is constantly at play here and if you are ignoring what your body is telling you, you set yourself up for disaster. Your gut is the foundation of your Soulistic Experience. For us to continue to rise and wake up from the slumber, we’ll begin to serve more simply because we’ve reclaimed our power. In this episode of the Sovereign Society Podcast, guest Brittany Reid is a Soulful Online Business Mentor who believes that business is shifting into feeling. We are living in times where people are coming together, even those who would be considered as competition. There is no room for competition because we have to come together to help awaken the masses to activate their legacy and share their medicine with the world.

When you walk your truth, you allow someone else to walk their truth.
— Brittany Reid

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In this episode, Brittany and I talked about….

☾ How adaptogens reduce stress, overturn burnout, and increase human potential

☾ How Kundalini can elevate your business, energetic capacity, and strength in all areas of your life

☾ Implementing the Spiritual Tools to cultivate a healthy work-life balance

☾ Why your wealth starts with your health

☾ Cultivating More Time Freedom and the power of simplicity

☾ The importance of syncing and honoring your cycle

☾ The Rise of Feminine Leadership as Women Begin to Speak with Conviction

☾ Shifting Your Relationship with Money to Bring in More Opportunity

☾ Brittany's recent Angel Baby journey and experience

☾ What happens when you begin to walk your truth

 ... plus so much more.



Brittany Reid is a Soulful Online Business Mentor and Ceremony Facilitator who helps entrepreneurs find ease and flow in their business by working with intuitive strategy and mindset work.  She cuts out the ‘complicated’ and ‘hustle’ and tap her clients into the energy where they are ignited with passion and alignment by using practical tools to achieve massive results in less time. She’s on a mission to help women elevate their income and business one cycle at a time.

You can often find her online having a hot cuppa while sharing live trainings in her private facebook group, hosting ceremonies and workshops locally, practicing kundalini, and sipping cacao.

Instagram | www.instagram.com/brittanycreid

Website | www.brittanyreid.ca

FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Brittany-Reid-394359950719287/

FB Group | https://www.facebook.com/groups/144860362806523/


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