089 | Embodying Your Magic | Lexi D'Angelo

Embodiment is everything. As are you implementing the tools and the practices for you to go out there and share your medicine with the world. While it may feel as though your industry is oversaturated, truth is, there’s no one who can do it quite like you. No one who’s experienced what you have. No one who carries your essence and your unique magic.

Life + Success Coach Lexi D’Angelo believes that each of us has the power and opportunity to cultivate sustainable and fulfilling success in whatever it is we choose to share with the world. The way to get there is by doing the deep internal work and tuning into that inner guidance once and for all. It takes you taking radical responsibility for your life and choosing to answer the call.

We are all on an evolutionary path. Through the process of integration and embodiment, you are able to share from that space of pure magic and Truth. This is the chance for you to finally get out of your own way and experience the miracles that are waiting to be experienced by you. 

There are no rules except the rules we make. We get to choose the rules and live according to them.
— Lexi D'Angelo

In this Episode, Lexi and I talked about…

◆ Honoring the Journey and Trusting the Process of you and your business’ evolution

◆ How Powerful and intentional Branding can bring greater impact to your message

◆ Recognizing the gap in your industry and doing something about it

◆ The importance of integrating and embodying your medicine

◆ Claiming radical responsibility for your life

◆ Addressing + observing the patterns that are holding you back

... and so much more.

089 | Embodying Your Magic | Lexi D'Angelo

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