091 | Gearing Up for 2020 and Beyond / Sabrina Riccio | sabrinariccio.com

091 | Gearing Up for 2020 and Beyond / Sabrina Riccio

Hard to believe, but we are approaching the last weeks of this decade and preparing for a new decade with 2020 crystal vision. Now’s the time for us to set the foundation for the visions and goals we have for the years to come. To get there, we must be willing to do the deep internal work. Scorpio season is here and the doors are open for us to experience our rebirth. Not only that, we are preparing for our last Mercury Retrograde. This is the time for us to shed what no longer serves and to make space for what does.

As we embark on the journey to become the diamond in the rough, we have a responsibility to take back what is ours and to set precedent for what’s to come. In the states, we are preparing for what’s quite possibly the most important election of our lifetime and it’s time as millennials to step up to the plate and to be the change we wish to see in the world. This starts with us committing to the work and educating ourselves as to how we can do better.

To implement great change, believe in your power. Believe in your worth.

— Sabrina Riccio

In this episode I shared…

◆ How to Prepare and Activate 2020 Crystal Vision

◆ The Energy of Scorpio Season + how to harness the last Mercury Retrograde of the Decade

◆ What it takes to polish your Diamond in the Rough

◆ The Truth about the Power of Millennials

◆ Preparing for the most important Election of our Lifetime

◆ Deets about my latest Group Coaching offering Breaking Free

… and so much more.

091 | Gearing Up for 2020 and Beyond / Sabrina Riccio091 | Gearing Up for 2020 and Beyond / Sabrina Riccio
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