what the lions gate 8.8 portal means for you

Can you feel the shift? On August 8th, we welcome in the opening of the Stargate. As we ALL know, these past few months have been INTENSE. As we've witnessed some radical planetary retrogrades, we are also seeing our world shake up. We are calling in change. We are calling in a new earth. We are calling in more love. But first, we must be grounded and we must want this for ourselves.


In numerology, 8 is a powerful manifestation number. 8 is the number of power, money, and abundance. Use this powerful day as the opportunity to check in with your money habits and your achievements thus far. Are there areas in your financial life that need to be reevaluated? Are things working out as you'd like when it comes to your money behavior and thoughts around money? This is your opportunity to change the way you look at your money and this is especially true for you entrepreneurs out there! Here, we have the opportunity to manifest our desires into the physical realm, so be honest and aware with your thoughts and beliefs during this time.

what's so special about the Lions Gate portal?

Every year from August 8th until August 12th, the Lion's Gate opens. This is where the Sun is in Leo and we witness the star Sirius moving closer to Earth, which is seen in alignment with Orion's belt. We can witness this powerful synchronicity as we find the Sun, Sirius and Orion's belt in alignment with the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. This is the point where the Earth's in alignment with the Galatic Center of the Universe. This allows the powerful portal to be in play for an energetic acceleration for our awakening.

This is the opportunity for the radiant light of the Central Sun to flow through our already powerful Leo Sun to create new solar codes of light within us to help us anchor more love and more abundance.

There is a common thread with young entrepreneurs out there. Many are afraid to leave their comfy jobs to follow their passions. Some believe this false, limiting thought that they aren't going to be able to afford the life they've always wanted to create if they follow their hearts. There isn't that sense of security in the beginning as there is when you have that 9-5 job that isn't doing it for you anymore. Use this Lion's Gate Activation to release your limiting beliefs about money and to open your heart to your deepest passions. Remember, your passions and your purpose go hand in hand. Your purpose is needed in this life more than ever. You are here to live out your truth and to step into the light and out of the Spiritual Closet. This Lion's Gate gives you the perfect opportunity to go out there and rise!

What's to Come from the Lion's Gate Activation?

We have been seeing many of our shadows come to the surface to be healed and transmuted into love and light. These dense energies may have been carried on from previous generations. Please, during this time, be gentle with yourself. This is the time for radical healing as we are transmuting fear, doubt, pain, anxiety, shame, judgment, guilt and anger. Find yourself speaking and living your truth as you reacquaint with your ROAR, your light, your passions and the Love of which you are.

This is the opportunity to be courageous as you set your intentions and open your heart. Be willing to receive the love that is coming in. As you allow yourself to anchor in this energy, you are able to give it out to the world. As women, we are so used to being givers, yet we have a hard time receiving. The truth of the matter is simple; if we cannot receive the love that is coming our way, it is impossible to give authentic and powerful love to the world. We can only give what we have. This is what it means to love authentically. You give because you know that there is an abundant amount of love, there is no problem to share and sprinkle it wherever you go.

This is your time to be brave. A lot of the times we hold onto what no longer serves because it's "comfortable." We have been scared to jump out of our comfort zones because we often time fear the unknown. This is the time to take the risk and step into the unknown. Allow your destiny to unfold without trying to be manipulative and controlling. Stay optimistic, keep your eyes focused on where you want to go, allow the Universe to come in and help you out. Your spirit guides are a simple prayer away, waiting for you to call on them for assistance. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN!

When we find ourselves weak, we can see it as the opportunity for us to be able to recognize the call to correct our errors. You have the confidence within you to conquer anything. Sometimes we lose sight of our truth because we allow the voice outside of our soul to rule our thoughts. The illusions of the world are not real- period. The noise of the outer world will try to distract you, but as you find yourself connected to the silence within, you will be able to recognize the voice of Love, guiding you towards salvation and liberation from any and all suffering.

A Course in Miracles tells us that anxiety, apprehension, and fear arise when we trust only our own strength. With so much going on in the world right now, many people are scared and afraid of what's to come. I'm here to tell you... ENOUGH OF THAT! When you call in and focus your attention on Love, you find the truth- you are safe in every circumstance. Love will guide you as you embark on the difficult parts of the journey and will also be there for you when things are looking up. Your thoughts that you are incapable of bringing in and manifesting your heart's wildest desires is your own humanly weakness. Find yourself calling in Source to connect with your real strength. You can trust in Love always and forever because only love is real. NEVER FORGET.


As you have become acquainted and mastered the gift the Fifth Dimension brings of Oneness, you have been able to transcend the shackles of Duality and have been able to transcend your own shadows. BRAVO! The Sixth Dimension allows us to embrace Love, Creativity and the Magic that's in store when we witness the sacred unity of Heaven and Earth. We can overcome our fears about the power of these incredible Light Codes coming in without hesitation. As we become aware of the importance to balance our inner masculine and feminine energies, we can anchor in this New Earth with grace. You are the Master of your Soul. It starts with you, darling for the inner always creates the outer. Love yourself unconditionally. It is up to you to connect with Spirit and to see the Oneness in everything around you. Spirit will love you regardless, but know that you have the power to go out there fearlessly. Be brave, beautiful. Focus and choose to live with the intention to be in alignment, to be of service for the highest benevolence of love and compassion. You will find the willpower and support from Spirit and your guides to work together to make this world a brighter, happier, and healthier, more loving place.


I want to hear from you? What challenges and opportunities have come up for you recently? Have you been feeling this potent energy of the Lions Gate? If so, how are you running with it?