Nine Late-night Self Love Rituals

Self-Love comes when we are able to do fill our cup and honor ourselves. I’ve been a night owl since I could even remember. The nights in the music industry kept me up all night. I’m a firm believer that the creative minds create the best magick at the wee hours of the morning. My take, because so much of the business and analytical world is at rest, the Shakti right brain can thrive.

Musicians make their best music under the magic of the moon. Love is shared with a lover under the stars. The dreamer dreams during these hours and can be the ultimate time to practice self love and care. My self-care regimen game is strong during late night.

The Power of the Amrit Vela

I know all the yogis out there love their early mornings, but even with practicing and teaching yoga over the past two years or so, I’ve still struggled with waking up early to catch the prime hours of the Amrit Vela, This is the time when the veil is the thinnest to the Divine. During the hours of 4-6am, the time is most precious and sacred. I’ve had the habit of going to bed and essentially taking a nap to wake up during these times, but when I have those spurts of inspiration, I go with the flow and find myself doing my Sadhana at 4 am and then going to sleep.

While there is some Divine touch of doing a 4 am Sadhana, I love and honor my nights. Growing up in Palm Springs, it’s almost inhumane to get out during the day. Especially during the summer months, I find myself nocturnal. The energy is still yet flowing with grace and ease. A perfect dance, really.

When the rest of the house is dreaming away and the dog is sleeping, I take the opportunity to really take care of myself. This is my favorite time to recharge and to honor myself.

Incorporating these very rituals not only brings me back inside my body, but it soothes the mind and spirit unlike anything else. “Netflix and Chill” is overrated. Check in. Disconnect. Tune In. Treat yourself and your soul. Take some time for you, darling! You deserve it!



There is nothing quite like the right lighting. If it were up to me, I would live by candle, twinkle, and Himalayan salt light all day err day…. essentially I already do. Years ago my roommate would come home to the whole house candle lit with the lights perfectly dimmed. I call it ambiance patrol. Mood lighting is everything. You are here to invite your truest and most creative and expressive self. You want your space to feel just as sexxy as you. Bonus points for hemp or cotton wick, soy candles!


Who doesn’t love bath time? I sure do! Before I go into the wee hours of the morning I treat myself with the ultimate self love and run a bath. I love to light the candles I have all around my tub and just sit in the candlelight. To take it to the next level, drop 10 drops Lavender oil alongside some sea salt or Epsom salt and a half cup of baking soda into the water and soak for 20 minutes.

Being a Shamanessa Goddessa means you are around lots of energy all the time. There will be energy vampires who want to suck your light out there. This simple soak can be done once a week and will not only clean your auric field, but it will also help draw out toxins, lower stress-related hormones, and will balance your pH levels. Best believe, your yoni will thank you later.


You’ve heard the expression, “I’ve got 99 problems and coconut oil solved 86 of them.” When I ran across that quote one day on Instagram, all I could do was snap and say “yes, yes, yes.” because it’s so true! After brushing your teeth, take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it all around your mouth. Twenty minutes a night can help your teeth tremendously. Our mouths hold lots bacteria and healthy oral health is everything.

Because we know that fluoride is a no-no for our pineal gland’s health and our overall intuition, oil pulling can make our teeth stronger. Other benefits of oil pulling include whiter teeth, improves skin conditions, helps with headaches and hangovers, prevents mouth disease and gingivitis, better sleep and helps improve the lymphatic system just to name a few. The time flies if you use the time to straighten up your room and make room for what’s to come.


Who said you can only dance on the dance floor? Honey, the world is your dance floor. Love your Self and get in yo body, boo! Your life is your dance between the dark and the light. There is nothing that says radical self-expression quite like dancing. I love to either walk around in my sheer kimono or naked and groove to my Spotify playlists. If you want some inspiration, I highly recommend my Slay Goddess Slay Playlist. As much as I love to groove to tech house, ambient and minimal soul- that’s where it’s at. When I get to move my body, I feel connected with my Shakti and I feel as though I am healing any wounds that may be stuck in my Sacral Chakra. This truly allows me to connect with my creative energy and transcend.


The amount of decks I have is cray, but I love them all. Depending on what I’m feeling, I love to pull my oracle cards. Usually, during the wee hours, you can find me hanging out with the Goddesses, Archangel Michael, or with the Spirit de la Lune Lunar Deck. I also love doing a tarot spread with Starchild Tarot. I can find stillness because I’m already in a meditative space where I feel free and liberated and connected with my body and my soul and of course, the Divine. I find pulling cards during this time is the most potent. The guidance I receive is so crystal clear and always resonates with my soul. They don’t call it the witchy hours for nothing!


I’ve been doing my best to free-write at least once a day. If it’s not when I first wake up, I love doing it in bed. To be able to reflect and release what no longer serves before bed, allows me to wake up in the morning being reacquainted with my truth that I am made of nothingness. It allows me to release the pressures of the day and some magick really comes out. Some of the most incredible shit I’ve ever written was in the wee hours. I feel like I’m in the creative flow and I just can’t stop! My favorite topic, is “what are you grateful for?” Science shows that being in a state of gratitude leads to a happy life. They weren’t lying when they said, “Gratitude is the only attitude.”


Growing up, I loved the movie, Matilda. This babe was reading books like Moby Dick to help her escape the hell she was living. She allowed her magick to run free and I encourage you to do the same, goddess. You are creating a life you’ve always wanted. Why not read some books to keep you inspired. My all-time favorite, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I don’t suggest a heavy read before bed. Keep it light!


There is nothing like a nice cup of Kava Tea before bed. My favorite is the Yogi Tea Kava. It helps me relax and chill. If you love the soothing taste of Camomile tea, go for it! Perfect for the Solar Plexus, Camomile Tea helps cool down the fire, perfect for a peaceful night’s sleep.


The ultimate Self Love stems in sending love to our Highest Self, God, Spirit, Universe. Now I’m not saying that you need to get on your hands and knees, but if you feel that it’s appropriate, go for it. Because we are in constant communication with the Divine, our life is a prayer. The thoughts we put out and fester over go out to the ethers, always. If we aren’t consciously aware of our thoughts, we can find ourselves stuck. We can take the time to slow down and pray. Praying can become second nature to a miracle worker like yourself.

All you can do is say “Thank you, Divine, for all of the blessings you’ve bestowed upon me today. I am willing to receive your unconditional love and support so that I may help serve the highest good.” Praying isn’t about telling the Divine your laundry list, it’s about gratitude. Remember we talked about that with journaling? This is very similar. This is your opportunity to talk to God and say thank you. Thank you for this body. Thank you for this life. Thank you for your guidance. Your guides won’t come in to help unless you call on them. You have free will, remember?

There is nothing like creating some head space before bed. Meditation allows the brain to slow down and helps you find your center. To have control over our thoughts is a practice. They say that prayer is when we talk to God and meditation is how we listen to God. I believe that 100. You want to be able to empty your thoughts so that the new can come in. You have all the knowledge within you. All that is required for you is to tap into that space of stillness and allow the miracle to unfold with grace and ease.

I invite you to try them out and let me know which ones resonated with you most. I want to know, what are some of your favorite Self Love late-night rituals?

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