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Embracing our Phoenix Rising Story with Brie Pugh

Throughout our lives, each of us has a powerful story to share. Thing is, many are afraid of unleashing their medicine by sharing from that space of authenticity and vulnerability. We are living in times where we can truly embrace the fact that #vulnerabilityissexy. It’s how we cultivate more of what this world’s been craving… connection.

While there’s no denying the uprise of Spiritual leadership, we must also be honest about how many people are abusing their power to attack those who are most vulnerable, especially those who are just beginning their spiritual journey. As a survivor of sexual assault in the spiritual community, Women’s Empowerment Coach Brie Pugh is on a mission to unapologetically share her story. With the rise of the #MeToo movement, we have the blessing and opportunity to live in a time where survivors can share their stories with empowerment knowing that they aren’t alone.

Without a doubt, this episode may be triggering to those who are navigating through this life as survivors of sexual assault, but now, more than ever, do we have a responsibility to share our truth and to use our platforms to educate and help others know that they aren’t alone in their journey.  Change begins when those who are courageous enough to show up and share with conviction. It’s time to honor our privilege as leaders in the developed world to speak up on behalf of those who’ve been silenced in places around the world and even in our own backyard.

“We all have something we’ve been through that’s turned us into dust and we’ve been able to rise above it.”

— Brie Pugh

In this Episode, Brie and I talked about…

◆ Answering the Call to Your Bigger Purpose

◆ The power of Sharing your Story

◆ Reclaiming your Light after traumatic experiences

◆ Honoring Privilege + How to Make a Bigger Impact

◆ The importance from Living With Integrity

◆ Addressing Spiritual Bypassing to Shift the Collective Experience

… and so much more.



093 | Embracing our Phoenix Rising Story / Brie Pugh

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Discover More about Brie Pugh

Brie Pugh is on a mission to help women come home to themselves, break all the rules, and unleash their divine power to create a life and business with soul.

She does this through 1:1 and group coaching programs, as well as retreats.

Brie believes that spirituality and entrepreneurship are two sides of the same coin.   We all have gifts we are here to share with the world- we all have a role in raising the consciousness of the planet through our passionate, skills, and stories. But we must rise to the calling of our soul.

Brie would like to hold space specifically for the Sovereign society’s listeners- if you would like to connect on your own trauma story or are seeking support in your life/bus, she will be doing gifted 1hr 1:1 sessions…just message on IG or FB.


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