How to Create Authentic and Powerful Content that Converts and Impacts

Let’s face it, your business is an extension of you. And while filling your cup and honoring you and your needs comes first so you can share from that space of overflow, you set the example of what it means to be a genuine, sovereign leader who’s here to revolutionize the world with their medicine. When you choose to be of service, sharing from that space of authenticity comes down to you being embodied in your authentic Truth. And best believe from that space, your soul babe clients will trust, believe, and have faith in you and in your medicine. Right now, people are craving authentic content because it encourages and invites them to allow themselves to be genuine and authentic in the world as well.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the Major Elements of Creating Authentic and Powerful Content that Converts

 1. Know the Pillars of your Business

What do I mean by that? Your Pillars are what hold up your sacred empire. What you’re known for. When you’ve streamlined your pillars, you consolidate your energy to attract potential clients to you. They are coming to you because you’re the expert in these topics/areas. These are topics your business/ brand covers. ie. Maybe you’re a Conscious Mother’s Mentor. Your pillars can include relationships, self-care, and conscious parenting. I wouldn’t suggest more than 4 pillars.

2. Begin writing down ideas and inspiration that come

To be successful and to prevent burnout, bulk contenting is the way to go. If you’re running a soulful business, you’re someone who’s tapped into your intuition. Understand that the aha moments come through when you least expect them. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, she talks about how these ideas aren’t ours, to begin with. They are brought to us to be shared and if you don’t jump on it, someone else will. Keep a notebook with you, leave audio notes on your phone, and use programs like Evernote to write those ideas. It’s also great to write before bed so you can make space and go to sleep without all the gears moving. 

3. Speak from experience

Our BS meters are strong these days. What brings us together is connection and the content you’re sharing is to build trust with those who may invest in you and your business down the line. When you speak and share from experience, you infuse compassion to your audience of Hey, I see you” or “hey, I’ve been there too, you’re not alone.” Sharing from experience not only makes you the expert, but it’s your wisdom that’s being shared with your Soul Babe. The wisdom they’re looking for and have aligned to in their human experience.

4. Honor your Rhythm and Flow

Look, if you’re trying to force something, good luck. Again BS meters are in full swing. You are here creating your business which means you are here because you’re honoring YOU. Your rhythm and flow are about you honoring your energy and what times of day and days of the week work best for you. Inside Business Alchemy, my 90-day Soulful Business Activation experience, you’ll discover how to honor your rhythm and flow based on the moon phases and the daily planetary influence. Some of us are night owls and some are morning people. Bulk contenting allows you to hone in and do the work based on that inspired action. Creating that structure of your unique rhythm allows this symbiotic relationship between your masculine and feminine energy to cultivate balance and harmony of wholeness.

5. Always remember, quality over quantity

Release information that feels good and can be repurposed and honored time and time again. Creating content that can be read in January and even September to those who find it when they do, it’s great to create timeless, high-quality content. This rich content is coming from deep within your soul. The relatability is real. The high-quality work shows your Soul Babe what they can expect when they invest in you. Take the time to really pencil in and schedule time for you. Quality work comes when your cup is full, so remember to take care of yourself. You are here to build a high-quality life. One that’s rich and full and abundant on all levels. Honor your energy so that you can streamline your mission and your intention to make a great impact on the lives of those who are reaching out and looking for that guidance you’re here to offer and share.

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