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Since the election, I’ve been on edge. The amount of pain I’ve been feeling in the collective was getting to the point where I found myself on the verge of a mental breakdown. Spirit speaks to those who listen and when you’re told to go on a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica and leave in 4 days, you go. As I’ve been working on deep sacral chakra healing, I’ve allowed myself to honor my journey and to trust the process as I go forth and heal my inner child. She was abused, pained, depressed, and lost. Years of repressed sexuality, body shame, and beliefs of unworthiness prevented me from living my fullest expression. As this latest solar eclipse gave me permission to release what no longer serves and asked me to stop playing small, I felt the need to be real and authentic by sharing some of my most inner secrets. I’m finally ready to release the shame and guilt about my life and my journey up until now. I know that my story and my journey will not only give permission for someone out there to step out of the spiritual closet and into the world, but it will also allow someone out there to release their inner shame and share their medicine with conviction. Allowing myself to surrender to the Divine Plan, I remained open and receptive to the guidance of my intuition and my highest expression. Leave it to Costa Rican butterflies and coming home with a gnarly spider bite on my ass to offer me the deep medicine my soul’s been waiting for.

honoring the journey. trusting the process. allowing oneself to be real, be authentic by embracing vulnerability to heal the inner child.honoring the journey. trusting the process. allowing oneself to be real, be authentic by embracing vulnerability to heal the inner child.

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When you hear the call to explore the depths of your soul and experience new cultures and visit distant places, GO! All of my travels have been spontaneous. I’ve learned how to trust the Universe and the Divine Plan thanks to my travels over the years. I believe being a global citizen is part of our dharma. If you’ve been victimized, this is the chance for you to forgive and heal. You have the choice to choose your experience and to reclaim your power back. As you honor and embrace your inner child, you allow yourself to create your reality so that it may be in alignment with your highest and fullest expression. This is the call for you to be honest with yourself about your past and to honor the journey + trust the process as you go forth and unleash your destiny.





↠ honoring your journey as you honor your past lives

↠ my most vulnerable secret I’m ready to honor

↠ the importance of reclaiming your sovereignty by embracing vulnerability

↠ spider and butterfly medicine

↠ relinquishing the need to control and allowing the universe to take the lead with grace


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