Aligned Investing and Golden Age Wealth with Jacquelynne Holmes

As we are calling in more good people, making good money, doing great things in the world, we are witnessing the world of money shift in our human experience. Thanks to the rise of crypto, interest in assets like gold, silver, and property, our monetary system are shifting in this Golden Age.

With accountants and money healers leading the way like Jacquelynne Holmes from Luxom Babe, we are seeing more people activate their prosperity codes, heal their money stories, and set precedent for more conscious wealth.

To experience more wealth in your business, you must be willing to invest in yourself and it. And as you begin to honor your worth and you take the leap to uplevel your capacity to receive, it will come your way. All it takes is you believing in yourself, healing your money stories, and healing your relationship with money.

In this episode, we talk about…

◆ The Federal Reserve and the manipulation of money

◆ The dollar as an outdated currency and control matrix

◆ Changing the frequency of money by earning with purpose

◆ Golden Age currencies like crypto and assets

◆ Aligned investments vs investing out of scarcity

◆ Transcending shame around material desires as a multidimensional being

◆ Using money to nourish through alchemy and healing your relationship with money

◆ the holographic experience of investing in yourself and your business and how it leads to people investing in you

◆ Becoming Energetically prepared to receive money by healing your money story

…plus so much more

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Discover More about Jacquelynne Holmes

Jacquelynne Holmes is a Holistic Money Healer, Abundance Coach, and Boutique Accountant for Spiritual Online Entrepreneurs.

Her mission is to help more women experience abundance and transform their relationship with money.






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