5 Kundalini Mantras to Radiate Your Crown Chakra

Totality. Pure and Full Embodiment. We are living in times where we are required to authentically embody who we truly are. Connected to our life’s purpose in today’s world is how we find ourselves living in that space of pure awareness. Cultivating balance in this Golden Era is all about awakening your Crown Chakra. Luckily, you have mantras to help you get there.

As an enlightened being,  you have the power to help elevate the collective consciousness to higher dimensions. If our Crown Chakra is blocked, we’ll find it difficult to tap into the Cosmic Awareness and guidance that is trying to come through to guide us through this time and space. Luckily, you have Kundalini Yoga to support you.


Embracing Sahasrara

Sahasrara is the thousand petal lotus that reigns on top of our heads. Remembering your Sovereignty is the name of the game here. You are constantly co-creating your reality. You have the power to help steer this ship based on your thoughts and beliefs. As they say, the present is a gift. As you begin to honor the journey and trust the process, you can loosen your grasp around life. Choose to be in a space of receptivity and know that there is always a Divine Plan unfolding behind the scenes, before you, behind you, above you, below you, and around you.

Remember, there is no place where you end and I begin. Any form of separation, depression, alienation, illusion, or loneliness is simply an opportunity for you to call out to something greater than you to step in and guide + support you.

5 Kundalini Mantras to Radiate your Crown Chakra | SabrinaRiccio.com

Sa Ta Na Ma | Mantra to Catalyze Change

sa ta na ma.jpg


Sa Ta Na Ma


Saa = Infinity, totality of the Cosmos

Taa = Life (birth of form from the Infinity)

Naa = death (or transformation)

Maa = Rebirth


Panj means five, and expresses the five primal sounds of the Universe. (SSS. MMM. TTT. NNN and AAA.) It is the atomic or Naad form of the mantra Sat Naam. It is used to increase intuition, balance the hemispheres of the brain and to create a destiny for someone when there was none. This mantra describes the continuous cycle of life and creation. This mantra is a great catalyst for change.

Sat Siri Siri Akal | Mantra for Victory

sat siri siri akaal.jpg


Sat siree siree akaal, siree akaal mahaa akaal,

Mahaa akaal, sat naam, akaal moorat, wahay guroo


The True Great, Great Deathless, Great Deathless beyond Death.

Beyond Death, Truth is His name, Deathless form of God, Experience of the Divine



Yogi Bhajan called this the mantra for the aquarian age. When we chant it we affirm that we are timeless, deathless beings. This is one of the “Aquarian Sadhana” mantras. It is known for giving victory in all aspects of life.

It is said that when we are challenged in life there are three impulses we confront: One is to be alone/to withdraw, another to deny or fantasize about the future, another to live greedily or in scarcity instead of prosperously. This mantra is to help one overcome these tendencies and give courage and caliber.

Wahe Guru Wahe Jio | Mantra of Ecstasy

wahe guru wahe jio.jpg


Wha-hay guroo wha-hay guroo

wha-hay guroo wha-hay jeeo


Wahe Guru- Great Beyond description is the experience of God’s Wisdom

Wahe Jio- Great Beyond Description is the experience of God Blessing the Soul


This is a mantra of ecstasy and one of the Aquarian Sadhana Mantras. Wahe Guru is said to not only be the experience of the divine, but also impart the experience of the divine. Jio is said to impart an affectionate relationship to/with the divine.

Yogi Bhajan said that this mantra means “clear perception of what is important to preserve” and that it “links the essence of your purpose to the greater minds and souls in the cosmos.”

Discover the Mystic Planner

 Wahe Guru | Mantra of Infinite Ecstasy

wahe guru.jpg


Wahe Guru


Wahe is a statement of awe and ecstasy.

Guru is the one who brings us from darkness to light.

Wahe Guru is an expression of complete ecstatic awe of the Divine.


This is a mantra of the Infinity of ecstasy and dwelling in God. It expresses the indescribable experience of going from darkness to light (from ignorance to true understanding). It is the Infinite teachers of the soul. A trikutee mantra, it balances the energies of the generating, organizing, and transforming principles. It expresses ecstasy through knowledge and experience. It is the gurmantra, which triggers the destiny. It is said that chanting Wahe Guru is equivalent to chanting Har 11,000 times.

Aadays Tisai Aadays | Mantra to Instill Knowledge of the Universe



Aadays Tisai Aadays Aad Aneel Anaad Anaahat Jug Jug Ayko Vays



All honor to the One, Hail the Primal Being whose attributes cannot be described, Who is without beginning, the Unstruck Sound, and whose form is One through every Age.



This mantra is believed to instill the entire knowledge of the Universe without ever reading a book. It is the yogi’s humble bowing to the infinite.


Let the Music Speak

 If you know me, you know how much I love music. Check out a playlist I’ve compiled for you featuring some of my favorite renditions of the mantras listed above over on Spotify to Activate your Crown.

Take the time to get crystal clear and align to your purpose and mission in this life. Once you proclaim it, take action and follow through with the Divine Guidance that’s always present. Stay strong and keep the faith alive. Experience the Divine in all interactions, in every opportunity. This is your chance to get out of the victim mentality and become victorious. You came here to live a life where you get to experience Heaven on Earth.

As you embrace these mantras for your Crown Chakra, allow yourself to be open to receive. My wish for you… realize that there is no box. There are no limits. Choose love time and time again. Radiate your light. Embody your radness. Understand that there’s always a Divine Plan happening behind the scenes. You are here to experience free will. Call on love and support from your Angels and Guides. You are NEVER alone on this journey, for your angels, ancestors, and guides are just a call away.

Kundalini Yoga

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