095 | Transcending Toxic Masculitity and Unconscious Culture / Nicky Wilks | sabrinariccio.com

095 | Transcending Toxic Masculitity and Unconscious Culture / Nicky Wilks

In a society that’s been conditioned by an unconscious culture of toxic masculinity, disconnect, and separation from one’s eternal wisdom and Truth, best believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As more and more conscious men and women and everyone in between awaken, we begin to experience a level of emergent activism that has the power to revolutionize the world as we know it. Nicky Wilks is the Executive Director of Journeymen, is setting precedent on how we can best support the men of tomorrow.

Through this non-profit organization, Nicky and his partner Alex Craighead are dedicated to building compassionate, inspired, and resilient young men through nature-based rites of passage, ongoing mentorship, and community engagement. As someone who’s witnessed this man’s evolutionary journey into conscious embodiment, this episode is here to help inspire you to what’s possible for our future as we begin to pave the path for the men of tomorrow to overcome the traumas and condition of our society as we know it.

In this Episode, Nicky and I talked about…

◆ Eliminating oppression + embracing polarity in all it’s forms

◆ Answering the call to activate the non-profit Journeymen

◆ Nature-based rites of passage beyond plant medicines

◆ The importance of integration

◆ How we transcend toxic masculinity

◆ The power and medicine of living with integrity

◆ The journey of Conscious Fatherhood and beyond

◆ Nicky and his family’s pilgrimage to support Standing Rock

… and so much more.


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Discover More about Nicky Wilks

Born and raised on Vashon Island, Nicky is a product of nature and community. In addition to his primary work as a youth mentor and facilitator with Journeymen, his past professional experience includes 12 years coaching youth sports, 5 years in college admissions counseling, 4 years as a human development guide and 3 years teaching high school P.E and entrepreneurship. Nicky is deeply committed to the cultivation of transformational environments, wherever and whenever the opportunity may arise, and welcomes the growth that stems from a healthy challenge. After receiving his M.B.A. from Chapman University he has since dedicated most of the last decade of his life to radical personal evolution and supporting regenerative business enterprise. His favorite activities include archery, adventure riding, and re-discovering the magic of life with his beloved partner and three children.

DISCOVER JOURNEYMEN | https://journeymen.us/


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