My Journey of Overcoming Epilepsy and Seizures Naturally and The Secret Scripture of Matthew 17:21

In case you didn’t realize… the Piscean Dark Ages are over. We have officially transitioned into the Golden Era of the Aquarian Age. Now’s the time for us to finally reclaim our power from our past, from dark forces and people, organizations, and experiences outside of ourselves, from our own inner demons, and from anyone or anything that has hooked onto our energies. Because we are now in the Golden Age, it’s time for us to shine our light and be unapologetically who we are at the core.

After three years of navigating through seizures, purging from New Age False Light, and reclaiming my power back from multiple sexual traumatic experiences from my childhood, I’ve seen loud and clear that God had me navigate through my recent challenging experiences for a reason, for me to not only reclaim my power but for me to step up as a compassionate leader in the world of psychedelics and mental health. As someone who struggled with mental health challenges her entire life and even called a suicide hotline in college, I’ve dedicated the last 11 years since I had a difficult LSD trip from a Spiritual Emergency and after I was struck by lightning to devote my time and energy to my deep healing journey. Little did I know that the result of saying yes to the challenge would forever revolutionize my life and the way I see the world.

Even with years of working with psychedelics, therapy, yoga, meditation, and overall self-discovery, it wasn’t until I started to experience seizures that I started to witness and experience a deeper sense of purpose as to why I endured what I did throughout the years. Not only did I have multiple experiences of meeting Jesus, but I also discovered who I am at the core, something I always knew was deep within but never this good.

Embracing my upbringing of growing up in the church, my passion for spiritual understanding, and my deep appreciation and gratitude for psychedelics and how they’ve been a major catalyst in my mental health journey, I see myself as a leader in the world of psychedelic therapy as it relates to bridging the worlds of psychedelic therapy and spiritual emergencies. Not only do I share my experience with seizures and how I’ve been healing myself naturally in this episode, but my deeper intention for this episode is to be that beacon of light to those who may be struggling with their mental health to know that they aren’t alone and that there are solutions out there to better support them on their journey towards recovery, wholeness, and healing.

PSA. I am not a doctor. I am personally sharing my experience for entertainment purposes. Please always consult your doctor about your journey and ways of being and doing it before getting off or changing any medications.

◆ How reclaiming my power back from childhood sexual trauma has allowed me to heal my body, mindset, and sexuality

◆ Releasing shame around Spiritual Emergencies and difficult psychedelic trips

◆ My recent seizure journey and why I feel I’ve been navigating through seizures

◆ Matthew 17:21 and why I believe this verse has been taken out of most versions of the Bible

◆ Changing the narrative and dropping stigmas around mental health

◆ Why I recently burned all my tarot decks and oracle decks after my last seizure

◆ Deeper understanding of having the faith of a mustard seed

◆ The drive to be the messenger of how psychedelic therapy can support those who are struggling with mental health challenges

◆ Connecting the dots from childhood to realize the more profound soul mission and purpose

…plus so much more

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